• Andrew Lansdown Martin Williamson
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Have you ever wondered why humour sometimes is not very humorous and, in fact, can inflict more damage than good? Lansdown's research to date has shown that all therapists interviewed acknowledge that it's the relationship between the therapist and client that is one of the most important factors in the therapeutic process. The question Lansdown asked, "Could humour enhance this relationship?" He was amazed with their reactions and perceptions especially when the words 'humour' and 'therapy' were mentioned in the same sentence. A common belief is psychotherapy is paradigmatically serious and heavy stuff, and humour is not compatible with counselling. The late Prime Minister Winston Churchill once said "A joke is a very serious thing". However...? Lansdown has discovered a solution by discussing the taboo subject of using 'humour' as a method to improve therapy. Lansdown introduces The Humour Triangle and reveals how this method can be successful.
Uitgavejaar 2020
ISBN 9781839522000
Verschijningsdatum 15 okt. 2020
Omvang 56
Auteur(s) Andrew Lansdown Martin Williamson
Bindwijze Paperback
Taal Engels
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