IAN Textbook of Neurology

  • Arabinda Mukherjee
€ 126,44
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This book is a comprehensive guide to the diagnosis and management of both common and rare neurological disorders, for practising neurologists and trainees. Divided into twelve chapters, each section is dedicated to a subspecialty of neurology, including movement disorders, headache, epilepsy, neurotoxicology, stroke and more. Topics are presented with a broad overview and include recent advances in the field. Content is further enhanced by tables, clinical images, boxes and flow charts to assist learning. Key points Comprehensive guide to neurological disorders for clinicians and trainees Each section dedicated to a subspecialty of neurology Includes recent advances in the field Highly illustrated with tables, clinical images, boxes and flow charts
Section 1: Headache Section 2: Neuroinfections Section 3: Stroke Section 4: Epilepsy Section 5: Movement Disorders Section 6: Central Nervous System Demyelination Section 7: Dementia and Cognitive Disorders Section 8: Neuromuscular Disorders Section 9: Neurotoxicology Section 10: Neurorehabilitation Section 11: Recent Advances Section 12: Miscellaneous Appendix
Uitgavejaar 2018
ISBN 9789352701797
Verschijningsdatum 31 jul. 2018
Omvang 1200
Auteur(s) Arabinda Mukherjee
Bindwijze Paperback
Taal Engels
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