Inclusion and Sexuality in Catholic Higher Education

  • Mark A. Levand
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  • Verwacht 11 mei 2023
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Drawing on research conducted at 17 Catholic universities in the US, making it the largest study of its kind, this volume explores effective practice in improving institutional policy relating to issues of sexuality. The text calls attention to campus cultures of fear, shame, or denial around sexuality and highlights possible points of institutional resistance to changes in policy. Discussing topics such as sexual identity, sexuality education in the curriculum, Title IX, employee termination and morality clauses, the book shows how staff and faculty are crucial in effecting change across Catholic campuses, providing valuable insight into the "unspoken rules" around sexuality within the shadow culture at Catholic institutions. Moreover, the text illustrates how institutions can maintain fidelity to Church teachings and even embrace notions of human dignity, solidarity, and the common good to achieve sexual inclusivity. A unique study demonstrating how Catholic teaching can help support inclusive change around issues of sexuality and gender in higher education, it ultimately puts forward a practical framework for effecting change and improving student and staff support structures in Catholic institutions. It will thus appeal to researchers and academics working in the fields of Higher Education Management, Gender and Sexuality in Education, Religion, Gender and Sexuality, and the Sociology of Religion.
1. Introduction and Setting the Stage 2. Getting to Know the Culture: Theories & History 3. General Themes: Catalysts in the Change Process 4. The Landscape for Change: Key Areas of Change and Reactions 5. Difficult or Easy? Themes in Supports and Challenges Faced by Changemakers 6. Over, Under, Around, or Through? How Changemakers Navigated the System 7. Voices of Change: Hopes for the Future and Suggestions for Improvement 8. A Framework for Change 9. The Future of Sexuality in Catholic Higher Education
Uitgavejaar 2023
ISBN 9781032110370
Serie Routledge Research in Religion and Education
Verschijningsdatum 11 mei 2023
Omvang 232
Auteur(s) Mark A. Levand
Bindwijze Gebonden
Taal Engels

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