International Handbook of Evidence-Based Coaching

  • Siegfried Greif Heidi Moeller Wolfgang Scholl
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This handbook comprehensively covers the fundamental key concepts in coaching research and evidence-based practice and shows how coaching can be applied to multiple contexts. It provides coaching scholars, researchers and practitioners with detailed review of the key concepts, research and new insights into coaching research and practice. This key reference work includes over 70 contributions from more than 110 leading researchers and practitioners in the field across countries, and deftly combines theory with case studies and applications from psychology, sociology, business administration, organizational studies, education, and communication studies. This handbook, edited by the top scholars in the field, is meant for an academic as well as a professional readership, and is an invaluable resource for coaches, clients, coaching institutes and associations, and students of coaching.
Coaching Definitions and Concepts (Siegfried Greif).- How can Coaching Practitioners Learn from Science? (Wolfgang Scholl).- Affective Change for Action Control and Self-growth in Coaching (Anna Maria Engel).- Approaches to the Coaching Process: an Interaction-analytical View (Patrizia M. Ianiro).- Assessment in Coaching (Heidi Moeller).- Behavioral Modification and its Relevance in Coaching (Martin Hautzinger).- Brain-Focused Coaching (Lyra Puspa).- Bullying as a Topic in Coaching (Dieter Zapf).- Burnout: Characteristics and Prevention in Coaching (Siegfried Greif).- Business Coaching in Top Management (Uwe Boening).- Career Coaching (Simone Kauffeld).- Coaching in the Context of Organizational Change (Katrin Bickerich).- Coaching for Sustainability (Joel A. DiGirolamo).- The Coaching Relationship (Sonja M. Mannhardt).- Coaching Supervision (Silja Kotte). - Communication as a Method and as a Topic in Coaching (Wolfgang Scholl).- Complex Problem Solving in Coaching (Ulrike Starker).- Conflict Transformation in Coaching (Albert Vollmer).- Crises as a Problem in Coaching (Johannes Sperling).- Culturality in Coaching (Sunny Stout-Rostron).- Decision-making as a Focus in Business Coaching (Cornelia Strobel).- E-Coaching - An Overview (Harald Geissler).- Embodiment and its Importance for Coaching (Maja Storch).- Emotion Regulation and Coaching (Christian Sell).- Emotional Intelligence and Its Relevance for Coaching (Dana L. Joseph).- Ethics and Ethical Competence in Coaching (Christoph Schmidt-Lellek).- Family Businesses in Coaching: Specific Dynamics (Arist v. Schlippe).- Feedback for Performance Development: A Review of Current Trends (Marie-Helene Budworth).- The Forms of Contact - An Approach to Theme, Process, State, and Methods in Coaching (Thomas Bachmann).- The Future of AI in Coaching (David Clutterbuck).- Gender Theoretical Impulses for Theory and Practice of Coaching (Mechthild Bereswill).- Goals in Coaching Practice (Anthony M. Grant).- Growth- and Security-Orientation in Coaching: Success through motivational fit (Andreas M. Boehm).- Health in Coaching (Eva Bamberg).- Health Coaching Research (Irina Todorova).- Implicit Leadership Theories and their Importance in Coaching (Belinda Seeg).- Individual and Collective Defense Mechanisms (Heidi Moeller).- Insights through Coaching (Felix Muller).- Interaction as a Basic Theme in Coaching (Wolfgang Scholl).- Interaction Dynamics in Groups (Nale Lehmann-Willenbrock).- Language and Meaning as Basic Topics in Coaching (Tobias Schroeder).- Leadership Coaching (Lisa Weihrauch).- Leadership Theories as Knowledge Base in Coaching (Joerg Felfe).- Learning as the Basis for Coaching (Annette Kluge).- Meaning as a Topic in Coaching (Reinhard Stelter).- Means of Verbal and Nonverbal Communication in Coaching (Astrid Schutz).- Mental Disorders in Coaching (Heidi Moeller).- Mentalization in Coaching (Svenja Taubner).- Metaphors of "Organization" and their Meaning in Coaching (Wolfgang Scholl).- Micropolitics, Gender and Emotional Labor in Coaching (Christiane Jungling).- Mindfulness in Coaching (Christine Bosch).- Motivation and Goal Setting with Motto-Goals in Coaching (Julia Weber).- Motivation, Volition and Implementation in Coaching (Siegfried Greif).- Motivational Interviewing as a Tool for Coaching in the Workplace: Coaching for Organizational Change (Amelie V. Guntner).- The Organizational Context in Coaching (Astrid Schreyoegg).- Organizational Culture and Coaching (Levi R. G. Nieminen).- Perception and Judgement Formation and their Significance in Coaching (Lisa Schubert).- Personality Development and Coaching (Jule Specht).- Power and Micropolitics as a Topic in Coaching (Wolfgang Scholl).- Problems of Teamwork as a Topic in Coaching (Jurgen Wegge).- Professionalization in Coaching (Christoph Schmidt-Lellek).- Pseudoscience and Charlatanry in Coaching (Siegfried Greif).- Quality of the Coaching Service (Friedemann W. Nerdinger).- Reducing Decision Error and the Role of Team Coaching (Simon Werther).- Resilience - A Fashionable Trend or a Paradigm Shift in Prevention and Coaching? (Anja Limmer).- Roles as a Basic Theme in Coaching (Stefan Kuhl).- Self-Concepts, Self-Discrepancies and their Significance in Coaching (Theresa Wechsler).- Self-Development and its Importance in Coaching (Thomas Binder).- Self-reflection in coaching (Siegfried Greif).- Side Effects of Coaching for Clients and Coaches (Carsten C. Schermuly).- Stress and Stress Management in Coaching (Siegfried Greif).- Success Factors in the Coaching Process (Peter Behrendt).- Systems Theories as a Basis for Coaching (Jurgen Kriz).- Team Coaching and Effective Team Leadership (Martian Slagter).- Team Coaching Research: the State of Play (Rebecca Jones).- Transference and Countertransference and their Significance for Coaching (Astrid Schreyoegg).- Transformative Learning and Its Relevance to Coaching (Beth Fisher-Yoshida).- Understanding in Coaching: An Intersubjective Process (Wolfgang Scholl).- Values and their Importance in Coaching (Klaus Boehnke).- Workplace Coaching Research - Charted and Uncharted Territories (Silja Kotte).
Uitgavejaar 2022
ISBN 9783030819378
Verschijningsdatum 1 apr. 2022
Omvang 982
Editie 1st ed. 2022
Auteur(s) Siegfried Greif Heidi Moeller Wolfgang Scholl
Bindwijze Gebonden
Taal Engels

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