International Perspectives on Violence Risk Assessment

  • Jay P. Singh, Stal Bjorkly, Seena Fazel
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With the world's prison population continuing to grow and the number of inpatient beds in psychiatric hospitals on the rise, establishing valid and reliable methods of identifying individuals who will commit violent acts is an important global health and public safety issue. One approach to identifying future offenders is through the use of risk assessment-unstructured and structured methods of predicting the likelihood of antisocial behavior. Although much has been written on the performance of risk assessment in research settings, little is known about current standards of practice and relevant public policy across the globe. International Perspectives on Violence Risk Assessment includes chapters by leading risk assessment scholars in more than 15 countries and explores the topic from a truly international outlook. Using findings from the seminal International Risk Survey (IRiS), the largest qualitative study in the history of the field, current assessment, management, and monitoring practices on six continents are explored. Authors identify and describe the most commonly used risk assessment tools, examine risk communication preferences, and provide recommendations for mental health practitioners, criminal justice professionals, and legal professionals. Finally, authors review the seminal research studies, current practice guidelines, and relevant legal statutes of their jurisdictions. This volume serves as an invaluable resource for researchers, practitioners, and policymakers interested in this rapidly evolving field.
Series Foreword Acknowledgments About the Editors Contributors Section 1: Violence Risk Assessment: The International State of the Art 1. An Introduction to the Assessment of Violence Risk Nicholas Scurich 2. Methodological Considerations in Risk Assessment Research Seena Fazel and Stal Bjorkly 3. Adapting Risk Assessment Tools to New Jurisdictions Vivienne de Vogel and Michiel de Vries Robbe 4. Implementation of Violence Risk Assessment Instruments into Mental Healthcare Settings Quazi Haque 5. The Process and Context of Violence Risk Assessment: Toward Integrating Science into Clinical Practice Eric B. Elbogen 6. Violence Risk Assessment Tools: A Systematic Review of Surveys Claudia C. Hurducas, Jay P. Singh, Corine de Ruiter, and John Petrila Section 2: The International Risk Survey (IRiS): Global Findings 7. The International Risk Survey (IRiS): Use and Perceived Utility of Structured Violence Risk Assessment Tools in 44 Countries Jay P. Singh, Sarah L. Desmarais, Randy K. Otto, Karen L. Petersen, Michelle M. Pritchard, and Tonia L. Nicholls 8. Comparing Preferences for Actuarial vs. Structured Professional Judgment Violence Risk Assessment Measures across Five Continents: To What Extent is Practice is Keeping Pace with Science? Tonia L. Nicholls, Karen L. Petersen, and Michelle M. Pritchard 9. Risk Communication: An International Update Kirk Heilbrun, Rebecca Newsham, and Victoria Pietruszka 10. Perceived Barriers to the Implementation of Violence Risk Assessment Tools Adrian Cree Section 3: The International Risk Survey (IRiS): Country-Specific Findings 11. Violence Risk Assessment in Latin America Jorge O. Folino, Daniella K. Villalba, and Jay P. Singh 12. Recidivism Risk Assessment in Belgium: Clinical Practice, Research, and Legislative Aspects Claire Ducro and Thierry Pham 13. Canadian Contributions to Violence Risk Assessment: Policy, Practice, and Future Directions Adam J. E. Blanchard, Kim A. Reeves, and Andrea L. Gibas 14. Violence Risk Assessment in Denmark Louise Hjort Nielsen, Sarah B. van Mastrigt, and Tine Wobbe 15. The Current Status of Sexual and Violent Recidivism and Risk Assessment Research in Germany and Austria Martin Rettenberger 16. Violence Risk Assessment in Hong Kong Robyn Mei Yee Ho and Chor Kwan Yan 17. The Assessment of Violence Risk: The State-of-the-Art in Mexico Veronica Godoy-Cervera, Paulino Dzib, Isaac Aguilar Ortega, Daniella K. Villalba, and Jay P. Singh 18. Risk Assessment in The Netherlands Corine de Ruiter 19. Violence Risk Assessment Practices in Spain Karin Arbach-Lucioni and Antonio Andres-Pueyo 20. Violence Risk Assessment in Switzerland Sabine Hahn 21. The Current State of Violence Risk Assessment in England and Wales Michael Doyle and Sarah-Jayne Leonard 22. Risk Assessment in the United States David DeMatteo, Stephanie Brooks Holliday, Meghann Galloway, and Unnati Patel 23. Risk Assessment Practices for Sexual and Violent Offenders in Israel Rabeea Assy and Doron Menashe Appendix: Structured Instruments Commonly-used in Violence Risk Assessments Stephanie Wilson, Jay P. Singh, Natascha Leech, and Tonia Nicholls Index
"Fusing leading-edge research with insights that come only from hard-earned clinical experience, Singh, Bjorkly, and Fazel have established violence risk assessment as a phenomenon of global reach. In International Perspectives on Violence Risk Assessment they and their collaborators authoritatively document the similarities and differences in approaches to forecasting harm across both cultural contexts and legal traditions. With any luck, this remarkable book portends a surge of worldwide collaboration in both scholarly investigation and professional practice." --John Monahan, PhD, Shannon Distinguished Professor of Law, Professor of Psychology, and Professor of Psychiatry and Neurobehavioral Sciences, University of Virginia
Uitgavejaar 2016
ISBN 9780199386291
Serie American Psychology-Law Society Series
Verschijningsdatum 18 aug. 2016
Omvang 424
Redactie Jay P. Singh, Stal Bjorkly, Seena Fazel
Auteur(s) Jay P. Singh Stal Bjorkly Seena Fazel
Bindwijze Paperback
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