Joint Action

Essays in honour of John Shotter

  • Tim Corcoran, John Cromby
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Joint Action: Essays in honour of John Shotter brings together a cross-disciplinary group of fifteen respected international scholars to explain the relevance of John Shotter's work to emerging concerns in twenty-first century social science. Shotter's work extends over forty years and continues to challenge conventional scientific thinking across a range of topics. The disciplines and practices that Shotter's work has informed are well established throughout the English-speaking world. This is the first publication to examine the importance of his influence in contemporary social sciences and it includes authoritative discussions on topics such as social constructionism, democratic practice, organisational change, the affective turn and human relations. The geographical diversity and disciplinary breadth of scholarly contributions imbues the book with international scope and reach. Joint Action presents a contemporary reflection on Shotter's work that demonstrates its influence across a range of substantive topics and practical endeavours and within disciplines including management studies and philosophy as well as psychology. As such, it will appeal to researchers and postgraduate students of social sciences and related disciplines, as well as to those who have heard of Shotter's work and want to know more about its utility and value in relation to their own research or practice.
1. Refracting Shotter Tim Corcoran and John Cromby 2. John Shotter, uniqueness and poetics: Parallels with Ernst Cassirer Michael Billig 3. "Images of 'Man'": One revolution around another (in roughly forty winks) Betty M. Bayer 4. Well, err; actually...: John's battle with language and certainty Andy Lock 5. Critique, construction and confluence: Journeying with John Shotter Kenneth J. Gergen 6. The ethics of relational process: John Shotter's Radical Presence Sheila McNamee 7. On being good researchers: Virtue, sympathetic co-experience and polyphonic unmasking James Cresswell and Cor Baerveldt 8. With feeling John Cromby 9. Responsive improvisation: The shape of emergent dialogue John W. Lannamann 10. The power of the particular: Notes for an organisational science of singularities Haridimos Tsoukas 11. Twenty-one words that made a difference: Shifting paradigms Ann L. Cunliffe 12. Suppose Shotter had not read Dreyfus? Tom Strong 13. Anticipating hope Tim Corcoran 14. Constructing goes live: Soft self/other differentiation, sound processes and legein Dian Marie Hosking 15. John Shotter's contribution to a better way Rom Harre
Uitgavejaar 2017
ISBN 9780815360667
Serie Explorations in Social Psychology
Verschijningsdatum 21 dec. 2017
Omvang 272
Redactie Tim Corcoran, John Cromby
Auteur(s) Tim Corcoran John Cromby
Bindwijze Paperback
Taal Engels
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