Leadership and Women in Statistics

  • Ingram Olkin, Amanda L. Golbeck, Yulia R. Gel
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Learn How to Infuse Leadership into Your Passion for Scientific Research Leadership and Women in Statistics explores the role of statisticians as leaders, with particular attention to women statisticians as leaders. By paying special attention to women's issues, this book provides a clear vision for the future of women as leaders in scientific and technical fields. It also shows how emerging and current leaders of both genders in many disciplines can expand their leadership potentials. Featuring contributions from leadership experts and statisticians at various career stages, this unique and insightful text: * Examines leadership within the roles of statistician and data scientist from international and diverse perspectives * Supplies a greater understanding of leadership within teams, research consulting, and project management * Encourages reflection on leadership behaviors, promoting both natural and organizational leadership * Identifies existing opportunities to foster creative outputs and develop strong leadership voices * Includes real-life stories about overcoming barriers to leadership Leadership and Women in Statistics explains how to convert a passion for statistical science into visionary, ethical, and transformational leadership. This book is a valuable resource for those ready to consider leadership as an important element of their careers, and for those who are already leaders but want to deepen their perspectives on leadership. It makes an ideal text for group leadership training as well as for individual professional development.
Preface About the Editors Fundamentals of Leadership Outlook on Statistics Leadership Ronald L. Wasserstein Persuasion, Presence, and Patience: Important Characteristics of Leadership for Women in Statistics Laura J. Meyerson Domains of Leadership Behavior in Organizations Sim B. Sitkin Four Leadership Principles for Statisticians: A Note on Elizabeth L. Scott Amanda L. Golbeck Fresh Opportunities and New Challenges for the Statistics Discipline Robust Leadership in Statistics Jon R. Kettenring Leading Significant Change in Official Statistics: A Woman's Place Is In the Counting House! Cynthia Z.F. Clark What Makes a Leader? Lynne Billard To Be or Not To Be Bold: Effective Leadership in Various Individual, Cultural, and Organizational Contexts Kelly H. Zou Project Leadership Statistical Challenges in Leading Large-Scale Collaborations: Does Gender Play a Role? Bhramar Mukherjee and Yun Li Leadership in Statistical Consulting Duane L. Steffey Women Leaders in Federal Statistics Marilyn M. Seastrom Leadership Competencies Competencies Needed for Statistics Leadership from an International Perspective Motomi Mori and Rongwei Fu Organizational and Business Acumen: Observed and Latent Attributes Sally C. Morton Leadership: An Untold Story Sallie Keller and Jude Heimel Leadership and the Legal System Mary Gray Leadership Development Platforms Professional Organization Membership Lee-Ann Collins Hayek Leadership Development in the Workplace Gary R. Sullivan Research Team Experience as a Platform for Leadership Development William A. Sollecito and Lori A. Evarts How Statisticians Can Develop Leadership by Contributing Their Statistical Skills in the Service of Others Sowmya Rao Individual Strategies Lessons from an Accidental Leader Arlene S. Ash Practical Suggestions for Developing as an Academic Leader Charmaine B. Dean, Nancy Heckman, and Nancy Reid The Many Facets of Leadership Jacqueline M. Hughes-Oliver and Marcia L. Gumpertz Leadership and Scholarship: Conflict or Synergy? Roy E. Welsch Institutional and Network Strategies The Value of Professional Champions and Mentors in an Academic Environment Katherine Bennett Ensor Mentoring: It Takes a Village. Personal Story Sastry G. Pantula 'If You Would Consider a Woman ...' Daniel L. Solomon Fostering the Advancement of Women in Academic Statistics Judith D. Singer Contributors
Uitgavejaar 2015
ISBN 9781482236446
Verschijningsdatum 3 aug. 2015
Omvang 464
Redactie Ingram Olkin, Amanda L. Golbeck, Yulia R. Gel
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