Memory, Anniversaries and Mental Health in International Historical Perspective

  • Rebecca Wynter Jennifer Wallis Rob Ellis
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  • Verwacht 8 mei 2023
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This book is the first to explore memory, misremembering, forgetting, and anniversaries in the history of psychiatry and mental health. It challenges simplistic representations of the callous nature of mental health care in the past, while at the same time eschewing a celebratory and uncritical marking of anniversaries and individuals. Asking critical questions of the early Whiggish histories of mental health care, the book problematises the idea of a shared professional and institutional history, and the abiding faith placed in the reform of medicine, administration, and even patients. It contends that much post-1800 legislation drafted to ensure reform, acted to preserve beliefs about the 'bad old days' and a 'brighter future' in the state memories of imperial powers, which in turn exported these notions around the world. Conversely, the collection demonstrates the variety of remembering and forgetting, building on recent interest in the ideological and cultural linkages between past and present in international psychiatric practice. In this way, it seeks to trace the pathways of memory, exploring the direction of travel, and the perpetuation, remodeling, and uprooting of recollection. Chapter 3 is available open access under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License via
1 Marking Time: Memory, Mental Health and Making Minds - Rebecca Wynter, Jennifer Wallis and Rob Ellis Section I: Practitioners, Memory and Reform2 Appropriating Psychiatric Legacies: Historiographic Reflections on Wilhelm Griesinger (1817-1868) - Eric Engstrom3 Dyspepsia, Seduction and Violent Hysteria: Reports, Reforms and the Irish Asylums of the 1850s - Brendan D. Kelly4 Reform and Revolution in Communist Psychiatry - Ana Antic5 'His past selves are living in him at this moment with the accumulated life of centuries': Organic Memory and Vestigial Temporalities in European Psychiatry, 1870-1920 - Rebecka Klette Section II: Memory, Empire and Shaping Nations6 Madness, Memory and Delusion in Colonial Barbados, 1870-1900 - Leonard Smith7 Carrying on with 'Common-Sense': Asylum Staff as Keepers of the Flame in Bombay's Lunatic Asylums, 1894-1930 - Sarah Ann Pinto8 Readmission Narratives for the Patients of the Grahamstown Lunatic Asylum, South Africa, 1890-1907 - Rory du Plessis Section III: Remembering People9 Gone but Not Forgotten: Acts of Remembrance in the Asylum, c.1880-1920 - Katherine Rawling10 'A Traumatic Amputation': Staff Remember the Closure of an Indiana Psychiatric Hospital - Elizabeth Nelson, Emily Beckman, and Modupe Labode11 A Reappraisal of Care Practices in the Asylum: Oral Histories of Ex-patients and Staff - Verusca Calabria12 Terminology and Talking Personality - A Long Memory and a Short History - Barbara Norden13 Remodelling the Sigmund Freud Museum, Vienna: Memories, Museums, and Curatorial Considerations - Monika Pessler and Daniela Finzi
Uitgavejaar 2023
ISBN 9783031229770
Serie Mental Health in Historical Perspective
Verschijningsdatum 8 mei 2023
Editie 1st ed. 2023
Auteur(s) Rebecca Wynter Jennifer Wallis Rob Ellis
Bindwijze Gebonden
Taal Engels

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