Mental and behavioural state examination

  • Tim Whittard Stephen Fry
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The ability to carry out assessments of mental and behavioural state is a useful and required skill for those who work within the healthcare industry, as well as in other professions where there is a routine requirement to work with vulnerable members of the public; this includes nurses and therapists of all specialties and backgrounds, midwives, care assistants, doctors, social workers, school teachers and emergency services, including paramedics and police officers (among numerous other professional groups). This book attempts to break down each aspect of the assessment using psychiatric terminology, definitions and examples in order to provide the reader with a comprehensive guide in how to carry out mental and behavioural state examinations (MBSEs) which is both detailed and concise. It is an essential handbook for those novices and more experienced clinicians alike, who wish to have a concise directory of some of the basic and core theoretical principles which underpin the process of non-medical psychiatric assessment in the 21st century.
Contents; ; Acknowledgements, xii; Foreword (Authored by Stephen Fry), xiii; Preface (Authored by Christian Betteridge), xiv; Chapter 1 - Introduction, 1; Chapter 2 - Learning Aims, 5; Chapter 3 - Historical Origins, 6; Chapter 4 - Nature and Purpose, 9; Chapter 5 - Good Practice, 13; Chapter 6 - Assessing within Context, 16; Chapter 7 - Methods of Assessment/History Taking, 20; Chapter 8 - Building Rapport and Finding Common Ground, 22; Chapter 9 - Assessment Format, 24; Chapter 10 - Presenting Situation and Background History, 25; Chapter 11 - Appearance, 26; Chapter 12 - Communication, 27; Chapter 13 - Mood/Affect, 31; Chapter 14 - Thoughts, 34; Chapter 15 - Attention/Concentration, 37; Chapter 16 - Motivation/Volition and Coping, 38; Chapter 17 - Drug Use, 40; Chapter 18 - Perception, 46; Chapter 19 - Sleep, 49; Chapter 20 - Appetite, 53; Chapter 21 - Interaction, 55; Chapter 22 - Insight, 58; Chapter 23 - Childhood and Emotional Development , 60; Chapter 24 - Education and Intelligence, 63; Chapter 25 - Identity, 66; Chapter 26 - Memory, 70; Chapter 27 - Summary, 72; Chapter 28 - Recording Observations, 73; Chapter 29 - WMBSE Rapid Recording Tool, 75; Chapter 30 - Risk Assessment (Authored by Richard Whittard), 78; Chapter 31 - Conclusion, 87; References, 92; Appendices - Essays on Mental Health (A collection of brief expert opinion pieces), 113; A Reflection on the Experienced Prevalence of Patients Requiring Support with Mental Health Problems Encountered in Emergency Departments by an Emergency Care Nurse (Authored by Jennifer Humphries), 114; The Importance of Mental Health Awareness for Pharmacists. A Contribution from the President of the College of Mental Health Pharmacy (Authored by Juliet Shepherd), 116; The Relationship Between Delirium and Dementia and their Impact on Mental Health in Older Adults (Authored by Dr. Emma Abbey), 118; Welcoming Your Patients. A Reflection on the Importance of Rapport Building and Listening to the Stories of Others from the Perspective of a Psychotherapist (Authored by Kevin Donoghue), 120; Midwifery and Mental Health (Authored by Dr. Sally Pezaro), 122; General Practice, Dementia and Mental Health (Authored by Dr. Bob Hodges), 124; Mental Health and Occupational Therapy (Authored by Josie Wells), 127; Addressing Emotional and Psychological Needs During Palliative Care. A Perspective on 'End of Life' Care Provision in Mental Health Settings (Authored by Mark Lee), 128; Understanding Well-Being and Mental Health Issues in a Primary School Setting (Authored by G. S.), 130; Why a Knowledge and Understanding of Mental Illness is Important. A Paramedic's Perspective (Authored by Raili Worthington), 133; A Social Worker's Perspective on Mental Health (Authored by Rebecca Barrow), 135; A Reflection on the Challenges Posed by Mental Health Issues for the Police (Authored by Gareth Hopkins), 137; Assessment of Individuals with Psychosis. A View to Longer-Term Engagement (Authored by Deborah Gorman and Bill Newton), 138; Mental Health and Learning Disabilities. The Marginalised Within the Marginalised (Authored by Marc Pratt), 144; Mental Health and the Pressures of Working in the Entertainment Industry (Authored by Chris Renfrew), 146; Wonderful People with 'Chips and Cracks'. A Comedian's View on Script-Writing and Performance as a Metaphor for Recovery and Mental Health (Authored by Billy Kirkwood), 149; Physiotherapy and Mental Health (Authored by Dave Anderson), 150; ;
"This guide to psychiatric assessment has arrived in good time. Every few decades the field of mental state examination needs a new view, a re-assessment of past wisdom and a consideration of emergent cultural beliefs/behaviours, with an eye to identifying new phenomena. Whittard's chapter on 'identity' could not have been written by earlier authorities. This is a scholarly work, well referenced and rounded. It will be well received by people who want to look behind the fMRI and find the individual."; Prof. Saxby Pridmore (Professor of Psychiatry, University of Tasmania, Australia. Author of 'The Psychiatric Interview. A Guide to History Taking and the Mental State Examination'). "This book will provide you with some contemporary approaches and theories to assist you in undertaking a mental health assessment...It is written in a non-jargon, straightforward approach and reflects current thinking on adult mental health assessment. I believe its format and content will be a valuable source of information as well as an interesting read, to prepare and update your assessment skills."; David Robson MA Ed RCNT RMN RGN RNC PGDip PGCE (Senior Lecturer of Mental Health Nursing, United Kingdom).
Uitgavejaar 2020
ISBN 9781789630954
Verschijningsdatum 31 jan. 2020
Omvang 168
Auteur(s) Tim Whittard Stephen Fry
Bindwijze Paperback
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