Mental Health Nursing

  • Karen-Leigh Edward Wendy Cross Ian Munro
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Mental Health Nursing: Dimensions of Praxis 3rd Edition prepares student nurses by equipping them with innovative skills and essential knowledge for their mental health careers. It shows how to apply assessment processes to treatment practice, work with clients with a range of disorders, and apply nursing intervention strategies in order to achieve best practice outcomes. The cross section of expert authors who are both educators and professionals gives readers realistic perspectives and insights on how to work and care for consumers. This new edition has incorporated further engaging learning features to help students relate theory to practice, including multiple choice quizzes which help them test their learning.
Part 1: Contexts of Contemporary PracticeA Brief History: The Role of the Nurse in Caring for the Mentally Ill in Australia and New Zealand (Aotearoa) Philip Warelow Diagnostic Systems Used in Clinical Assessment Karen Harder, Ian Munro, Annette WoodhousePhysical and Mental Health Steve Hemingway, Julie Sharrock, Gagan Kaur-LeghaPromoting Mental Health Eileen Petrie, Evan Bichara Primary Mental Health Care Kate Cogan, Freyja MillarResilience, Recovery and Reconnection Karen-leigh Edward, Tony Welch, Louise Byrne Nurses' Health and Self-care Glen Taylor, Daniel Nicholls, Wendy CrossLaw and Ethics Scott TruemanConsumer and Carer Participation and Leadership Evan Bichara, Susan Johnson, Ian MunroPart 2: Challenges to People's Mental HealthMood and Anxiety Disorders Margaret McAllister, Wendy CrossPsychosis and Psychotic Disorders Simon Dodd, Sandy Jeffs Complexities and Rewards of Working with People with Personality Disorders Robert Trett, Haley Peckham Eating Disorders Leanne Javen, Alan Moore, Alyson MarchesaniAlcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs Naomi Crafti, Victoria ManningPsychopharmacology Chris Alderman, Karen-leigh EdwardThe Older Person Robyn GarlickYoung People's Mental Health Kristy Young, Christine PoolePart 3: Praxis of Mental Health NursingPsychotherapeutic Essentials Robert Trett, Haley Peckham, James Houghton Case Management Karen-leigh EdwardPrevention and Management of Aggression Gerald A. FarrellAboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, New Zealand Maori and Remote Area Mental Health Verena Tinning, Graeme ThompsonCultural and Linguistic Diversity Don Gorman, Wendy Cross, Suzanne WilleyForensic Mental Health NursingJo Ryan, Chris Quinn
Uitgavejaar 2018
ISBN 9780190305222
Verschijningsdatum 10 jan. 2018
Omvang 576
Editie 3rd Revised edition
Auteur(s) Karen-Leigh Edward Wendy Cross Ian Munro
Bindwijze Paperback
Taal Engels

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