Motivating Primary-grade Students

  • Sara E. Dolezal
€ 23,49
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What is that intangible force that makes some classrooms positively buzz with interest, attention, and excitement about learning? While motivation can't easily be quantified, few would dispute its essential role in promoting academic engagement and achievement. This uniquely practical book is the first how-to guide on motivating students. Presented are research-based strategies and techniques that are brought to life in three extended case-studies of highly successful motivators. Vividly demonstrating how these exemplary teachers flood their classrooms with motivation, the book provides inspiration and practical ideas that readers can implement in their own work. It also guides teachers in recognizing and avoiding key pitfalls - the attitudes, instructional methods, and classroom management approaches that may inadvertently undermine student motivation and achievement.
Preface. Introduction to the Many Motivational Mechanisms in Education. How Do Primary-Grade Teachers Motivate Students? Nancy Masters' Grade 1 Teaching. Angel Shell's Class. Chris Nemeth's Teaching. Reflections on the Research. What to Do Monday Morning and Many Mornings to Come. Appendix.
"The text is extremely readable for both the teacher in training and the experienced educator. Concepts are presented clearly and treated with sufficient detail....The authors state that all educato
Uitgavejaar 2003
ISBN 9781572309142
Verschijningsdatum 1 sep. 2003
Omvang 200
Auteur(s) Sara E. Dolezal
Taal Engels
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