• Ronald Doctor
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This book, a sequel to the edited book Dangerous Patients: A Psychodynamic Approach to Risk Assessment and Management, places the emphasis on working in psychodynamic psychotherapy with patients who have killed to gain a greater understanding of their internal world and object relationships.
Series Foreword -- Foreword -- Introduction -- Life after death: a group for people who have killed -- Murder: persecuted by jealousy -- Women who kill: when fantasy becomes reality -- Killing off the shadow: the role of projective identification in murderous acts -- The history of murder -- The dog that didn't bark: a mild man's murderousness
"Original and perceptive, the essays in this collection help to illuminate this difficult but fascinating area. The book opens a door on the normally sequestered world of perpetrator and therapist within secure institutions. It will assist all interested practitioners to improve their understanding of the formidable difficulties of therapeutic work in this challenging patient group."--Dr David Reiss, Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist; Director of Forensic Psychiatry Education, West London Mental Health NHS Trust; Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer "This collection of valuable contributions from clinicians describes how psychodynamic theory and practice can lead to the deeper understanding of violence and offender behaviour, and in particular the act of murder, and the consequences of their behaviour. I am sure that professionals involved in this area of forensic psychiatry and psychotherapy will find it an extremely helpful guide and I would highly recommend it."--Dr Gabriel Kirtchuk, Lead Clinician for the National Forensic Psychotherapy Training and Development Strategy Consultant Psychiatry in Psychotherapy
Uitgavejaar 2019
ISBN 9780367325633
Serie The Forensic Psychotherapy Monograph Series
Verschijningsdatum 5 jul. 2019
Omvang 144
Auteur(s) Ronald Doctor
Bindwijze Gebonden
Taal Engels

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