Neo-shamanism and Mental Health

  • Karel James Bouse
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This book explores the contemporary practice of Neo-shamanism and its relationship to mental health. Chapters cover the practice of Neo-shamanism, how it differs from traditional shamanism, the technology of the shamanic journey, the lifeworlds of some of its practitioners, as well as its benefits and pitfalls. The author's analysis draws on an in-depth study of existing literature, original qualitative-phenomenological research into the lifeworlds of practitioners, and nearly three decades of observation and experience as a student, teacher and practitioner of Neo-shamanism. She discusses the potential role of Neo-shamanic journey technology as an approach for psychology-based studies of consciousness and anomalous phenomena; its value as a tool for self-exploration as part of a supervised curriculum; as well as the possible therapeutic applications of the journey and shamanic healing protocols for use by mental health professionals. This book is a rich and timely resource for students and teachers of psychology, anthropology and sociology, psychotherapists, and anyone who is interested in consciousness and parapsychology.
Chapter One: Contemporary Application of an Ancient Technique.- Chapter Two: Method of Research.- Chapter Three: Neo-Shamanism as an Alternative Contemporary Worldview.- Chapter Four: The Journey Technique as a Method for Consciousness Studies.- Chapter Five: Neo-Shamanism as a Tool for Self-Exploration.- Chapter Six: Potential Pitfalls of Neo-Shamanic Practice.- Chapter Seven: Conclusions.
Uitgavejaar 2019
ISBN 9783030319106
Verschijningsdatum 21 nov. 2019
Omvang 163
Editie 1st ed. 2019
Auteur(s) Karel James Bouse
Bindwijze Gebonden
Taal Engels

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