Neurology Review for Psychiatrists

  • Sean I. Savitz Michael Ronthal
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This concise review of neurology is an excellent study aid for psychiatry residents preparing for their annual in-service exam (PRITE) and written psychiatry board exam, as well as for practicing psychiatrists preparing for recertification exams. Succinct chapters written by expert authors address the essential points of diagnosis and management of a wide variety of neurological problems, with special emphasis on psychiatric aspects. Key points are included in each chapter for rapid review.
SYMPTOM-ORIENTED NEUROLOGICAL PROBLEMS Chapter 1 Cranial Nerve Symptoms Chapter 2 Motor System: Weakness Chapter 3 Sensory Examination Chapter 4 Gait Disorders Chapter 5 The Neurogenic Bladder SECTION II. Behavioral Neurology Chapter 6 The Neurological Mental Status Examination Chapter 7 Frontal and Parietal Lobe Syndromes Chapter 8 Temporal and Occipital Lobe Syndromes Chapter 9 The Dementias Chapter 10 Confusion Chapter 11 Pathological Laughter and Crying Chapter 12 Brief Overview of Neuropsychological Assessment SECTION III. Specific Disease Entities by Neurological Category Chapter 13 Movement Disorders Chapter 14 Epilepsy Chapter 15 Headache Chapter 16 Spinal Cord Disorders Chapter 17 Neuromuscular Disorders Chapter 18 Pediatric Neurology for Psychiatrists Chapter 19 Multiple Sclerosis Chapter 20 Stroke and Cerebrovascular Disorders Chapter 21 Sleep Disorders Chapter 22 Functional Disease: Hysteria Chapter 23 Substance Abuse and Neurotoxicology Chapter 24 Traumatic Brain Injury Chapter 25 Pain Syndromes Chapter 26 Central Nervous System Infections Chapter 27 Brain Tumors SECTION IV. Neurochemistry and Neurogenetics Chapter 28 Behavioral Neurochemistry and Pharmacology Chapter 29 Neurogenetics Appendix Neurological Complications of Systemic Disease Index
Uitgavejaar 2008
ISBN 9780781766661
Verschijningsdatum 1 dec. 2008
Omvang 486
Auteur(s) Sean I. Savitz Michael Ronthal
Bindwijze Paperback
Taal Engels

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