Neuropsychoanalysis of the Inner Mind

  • Teodosio Giacolini Cristiana Pirrongelli
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  • Verwacht 30 november 2021
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This comprehensive and well curated collection explores how neuroscience can be integrated into psychoanalytic thinking and practice, reexamining the biological science within psychological (sexuality, pleasure, dreams), social (pornography), and psychopathological (learning and attention disorders, anhedonia) phenomena relevant to therapists and analysts. Neuropsychoanalysis of the Inner Mind stands out for its focus on the emotional-motivational aspects of the mind, which are considered through the lenses of affective neuroscience, psychoanalytic theory and neuropsychoanalysis, and is important reading for scholars and psychologists interested in the topics originally addressed by Freud in his 1895 publication Project for a Scientific Psychology.
Foreword Mark Solms Part One: general aspects Motivational / emotional systems: Synoptic tables C. Pirrongelli, C. di Maggio, F. Fiorello, S. Riezzo, T. Giacolini The evolutionary roots of Neuropsychoanalysis: the instinct in Darwin and Freud T. Giacolini J- Bowlby. From attachment to Affective Neuroscience T. Giacolini "What's left of sex". A critical re-reading of psychosexuality in the light of neurobiological research and affective neuroscience A. Falci Pornography, psychoanalysis and Affective Neuroscience C. Spadazzi Affective Neuroscience and psychoanalytic practice F. Castellet y Ballara Part Two: Clinical Aspects The usefulness of the psychoendophenotypic approach in diagnosis and treatment from a neuropsicoanalytic perspective C. Pirrongelli The experience of pleasure: a neuropsychoanalytic perspective. L. Moccia, M. Mazza, L. Janiri Anedonia and emotional-motivational systems. A.Salone Motivational systems in development age: a neuropsychoanalytic perspective in attention and learning disorders A. Clarici, A. Zanettovich, A. Alcaro The motivational trigger and the affective function in the infantile dream C. Colace Index
Uitgavejaar 2021
ISBN 9781032056937
Verschijningsdatum 30 nov. 2021
Omvang 272
Auteur(s) Teodosio Giacolini Cristiana Pirrongelli
Bindwijze Paperback
Taal Engels
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