New Theory and Practice of Transactional Analysis in Organizations

  • Sari van Poelje Anne de Graaf
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  • Verwacht 27 oktober 2021
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This innovative book presents state-of-the-art thinking on using transactional analysis (TA) to change the structure, relationships and culture in organizations. The book is arranged according to the three levels of organizations described by Eric Berne - the structural, interpersonal and psychodynamic levels - and the chapters expand on his concepts at each level. With contributions by an international range of authors, incorporating a selection of practical case studies, the book illuminates key themes including group and team dynamics, psychological safety, emotion and, most foundationally, boundaries. Exploring the tensions of boundaries that can determine both the stability of a system as well as its innovative potential, this book provides a strong structural framework for TA coaches, consultants and analysts, as well as other professionals working with and within organizations.
Chapter 1 Editors' introduction / Sari van Poelje & Anne de Graaf. Chapter 2. Three levels of leadership / Sari van Poelje. Chapter 3. Adapting leadership power to its purpose / Corinne Laurier. Chapter 4. Leading self-organising teams: a paradox or a necessity? / Kathrin Rutz. Chapter 5. Force fields in organisations: a new perspective on intervening in groups, systems and organisations / Jacques Moreau. Chapter 6. Managing boundary dynamics / Patrice Fosset. Chapter 7. Leading through people - managing vulnerability in working relationships / Graeme Summers. Chapter 8. Managing fear and anxiety / Anne de Graaf. Chapter 9. Learning practices at work: A case for cognitive apprenticeship / Mandy Lacy. Chapter 10. Organizational cultures and change interventions / Ugo De Ambrogio. Chapter 11. Berne's organizational theory applied to the prevention of psychosocial risks: A European phenomenon / Marleine Mazouz. Chapter 12. Transactional analysis: A passport for the next decades / Rosa R. Krausz.
'New Theory and Practice of Transactional Analysis in Organizations is an important, contemporary collection of chapters that - contrary to its title - is placing TA contribution at the heart of OD practice. Coming out for publication in the midst of one of the most turbulent periods of recent times, it will offer some stability in its sense-making of organizational and development practice which we all need.' Dr. Eliat Aram, CEO, The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, London, UK 'As New Theory and Practice of Transactional Analysis in Organizations is a book focused on innovation of organizational TA, we also asked a newer TA organizational generation from different countries to write a sentence or two why this book is important for TA and for the organizational field. An impressive synergy of thought leaders in the field of TA in organizations that inspire us to innovate our approach to organizations, leaders and teams.' Danijela Djuric, Growth Code Consultant 'In the 60's, Berne ingeniously connected the individual and the collective dimension inside a single theorical approach. If human beings barely changed since then, organiszations have transformed very deeply. This wonderful book pushes "BOT" towards the 21st century. BRAVO!' Olivier Bettach, Executive coach and method actor, Paris, France 'The book opens your eyes on the resources of agile organizations which are able to use a "negative ability", the ability to "be" (and not to "do") in uncertainty, remaining impassive, facing absence or loss of meaning, without wanting at all costs and quickly to reach results and certainties.' Rossella Iannucci, Head of Internal Coaching Academy Intesa Sanpaolo Group 'It's been said many times that organisations are heading into crisis over and over again. The research into how Transactional Analysis can help leaders make practical choices is growing: this book is at the cutting edge and is a must read for anyone that's serious about effective leadership through volatile times.' Andrew Tailby, MA, Chief Executive Officer TRESC Ltd 'The authors are highly experienced Organisational TA Professionals. What they don't know about working on the edge with teams and organisations is probably not worth knowing. When reading this book, you will be immersed by its wealth and blend of knowledge, wisdom, theory, and practical application. A must have for all coaches, managers and consultants ready to take risks in order to promote the wellbeing, growth and development of organisations and teams. No Risk, No Result!' Anjana Rajani, Trainer/Coach, Power2Progress
Uitgavejaar 2021
ISBN 9781032002965
Serie Innovations in Transactional Analysis: Theory and Practice
Verschijningsdatum 27 okt. 2021
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Auteur(s) Sari van Poelje Anne de Graaf
Bindwijze Paperback
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