Nonlinear Dynamical Analysis Of The Eeg: Proceedings Of The 2nd Annual Conference

  • B.H. Jansen M.E. Brandt
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This volume contains papers, contributed by scientists from a wide variety of disciplines, on the application of nonlinear dynamics (chaos theory) in the study of brain function.
Principles of chaos, M. Gorman; survey of current methods of dynamical analysis of the EEG, A. Babloyantz; reliability of dynamical measures of EEG signals, A. Albano; quantification of hidden time dependencies, L. Iasemidis; prediction of chaotic time series with neural nets, J. Principe; usefulness of dynamical EEG analysis, I. Dvorak; dimensional complexity of EEG and MEG in Alzheimer, W. Pritchard; self-organization in brain and behaviour, S. Kelso; applications to epilepsy - foci localization, F.L. Da Silva; biological oscillators, L. Glass; phase resetting induced by light flashes, M. Brandt. (Part Contents)
Uitgavejaar 1993
ISBN 9789810212049
Verschijningsdatum 1 apr. 1993
Omvang 384
Auteur(s) B.H. Jansen M.E. Brandt
Bindwijze Gebonden
Taal Engels

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