Oxford Textbook of Old Age Psychiatry

  • Tom Dening Alan Thomas Robert Stewart
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The Oxford Textbook of Old Age Psychiatry, Third Edition, has been thoroughly updated to keep pace with the developments that have taken place in old age psychiatry since publication of the Second Edition in 2013, including the publication of the DSM-5/ICD-11 classification criteria. The Third Edition also includes new chapters on the ageing brain; the experience of dementia; carers' issues; biomarkers; and old age psychiatry in low- and middle-income countries. This new edition introduces two new co-editors, Robert Stewart, Professor of Psychiatric Epidemiology & Clinical Informatics at King's College London (and a Co-Editor of Practical Psychiatric Epidemiology), and John-Paul Taylor, Professor of Translational Dementia Research at Newcastle University. Part of the authoritative Oxford Textbooks in Psychiatry series, this comprehensive resource is an essential reference for old age psychiatrists, geriatricians, and other clinicians who are interested in the mental health care of older people.
1: Doug Gray, Carole Proctor, and Tom Kirkwood: Biological aspects of human ageing 2: John Woulfe, Doug Gray, and Carole Proctor: The ageing brain 3: Ricca Edmondson: Sociology of ageing 4: Thais Minett, Blossom CM Stephan, and Carol Brayne: Epidemiology 5: Johannes Attems and Kurt Jellinger: Neuropathology 6: Andrea Vergallo, Harald Hampel, Rene S. Bun, and Simone Lista: Biomarkers in Alzheimer's disease 7: Robert Barber: Clinical biomarkers in the diagnosis of dementia 8: Abdul Hye and Latha Velayudhan: Molecular genetics/molecular biology 9: Jonathan Huntley, Alan Thomas, and Robert Stewart: Psychiatric assessment of older people 10: Sean O'Dowd: Clinical cognitive assessment 11: Rowan H. Harwood and Rachel Cowan: Physical assessment 12: Sana Suri, Vyara Valkanova, Verena Heise, Claire E. Sexton, and Klaus P. Ebmeier: Neuroimaging 13: Delia Bishara: Psychopharmacology 14: Daniel W. O'Connor, Christos Plakiotis, and Peter Farnbach: Neurostimulation therapies 15: John Keady and Mike Nolan: Person- and Relationship- centred care 16: Philip Wilkinson and Ken Laidlaw: Psychological treatments: introduction 17: Ken Laidlaw and Philip Wilkinson: Cognitive behaviour therapy 18: Philip Wilkinson and Ken Laidlaw: Interpersonal therapy 19: Ian A. James and Alan Howarth: Non pharmacological interventions in care homes 20: Tom Dening and Kuruvilla George: Principles of service provision 21: K. S. Jacob and Cleusa P. Ferri: Old age psychiatry in low and middle income countries 22: Louise Robinson and Caroline A. Chew-Graham: Primary care management of older people's mental health problems 23: Sube Banerjee and Nicolas Farina: Memory assessment services 24: Fiona Thompson and Elena Baker-Glenn: Liaison old age psychiatry 25: Jo Moriarty: Social care 26: Tom Dening and Alisoun Milne: Care homes 27: Elizabeth Sampson and Karen Harrison Dening: Palliative care and end of life care 28: Tom Dening: The experience of dementia 28a: Keith Oliver: Getting a diagnosis 28b: Louise Lafortune and Carol Brayne: Screening v early diagnosis 28c: Hilary Doxford: Post diagnosis 28d: June Hennell: The end of the journey and life after dementia 29: Deepti Marchment and Dennis Chan: MCI and predementia syndromes 30: John-Paul Taylor and Benjamin R. Underwood: Alzheimer's disease 31: Robert Stewart: Vascular and mixed dementia 32: Arvid Rongve and Dag Aarsland: The lewy body dementias: Dementia with lewy bodies and Parkinson s disease dementia 33: Martina Bocchetta and Jonathan D Rohrer: Frontotemporal dementia 34: Andrew Graham: Neurological dementias 35: Roy W. Jones: Pharmacological treatments 36: Sarah Cullum and Tesema Taye: Management of dementia 37: Daniel Davis, Elizabeth Teale, and Rowan H. Harwood: Delirium 38: Anonymous: The experience of depression 39: Alan Thomas: Depressive disorders 40: Helen F.K. Chiu, Baoliang Zhong, and Joshua Tsoh: Suicide and self harm 41: Lauren Mussen and Akshya Vasudev: Manic syndromes 42: Gerard Byrne: Anxiety disorders 43: Ellen E. Lee, Baichun Hou, Ipsit V. Vahia, and Dilip V. Jeste: Late onset schizophrenia 44: Julie Gosling: Personal experience: The red and the reason 45: Catherine Hatfield and Tom Dening: Severe and enduring mental illness 46: Tony Rao and Katy A. Jones: Alcohol and substance misuse 47: Maria Luisa Hanney, Stephen Tyrer, and Brian Moore: Older people with intellectual disabilities 48: Kirstie Anderson, Zheyu Xu, Urs Mosimann, and Bradley Boeve: Sleep disorders 49: Bob Woods and Gill Windle: The effect of ageing on personality 50: Sharron Hinchliff and Bianca Fileborn: Sexuality in old age 51: Julian C. Hughes: Ethics and old age psychiatry 52: Charlotte Emmett and Julian C. Hughes: Mental capacity and decision making 53: Cees Hertogh, Marike de Boer, and Simone Hendriks: Ethics of living and dying with dementia 54: Jan Oyebode and Sahdia Parveen: Carers 55: Jill Manthorpe: Elder abuse and safeguarding vulnerable adults 56: Claudio Di Lorito and Birgit Voellm: Older people as victims and perpetrators of crime 57: Desmond O'Neill and Mark J. Rapoport: Driving and psychiatric illness in later life 58: Kay Wheat: The law relating to mental capacity and mental health
Uitgavejaar 2020
ISBN 9780198807292
Serie Oxford Textbooks in Psychiatry
Verschijningsdatum 26 nov. 2020
Omvang 960
Editie 3rd Revised edition
Auteur(s) Tom Dening Alan Thomas Robert Stewart
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Taal Engels
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