Passion and Pathology in Victorian Fiction

  • Jane Wood
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In what was once described as 'the century of nerves', a fascination with the mysterious processes governing physical and psychological states was shared by medical and fiction writers alike. This elegant study offers an integrated analysis of how medicine and literature figured the connection between the body and the mind. Alongside detailed examinations of some of the century's most influential neurological and physiological theories, Jane Wood brings readings of both major and relatively neglected fictions - a range which includes work by Charlotte Bronte and George MacDonald, George Eliot and Wilkie Collins, Thomas Hardy and George Gissing. Stepping into an already lively area of interdisciplinary debate, Passion and Pathology is distinguished by its recognition of the intellectual and imaginative force of both discourses: it extends our understanding of the interaction between science and literature in the wider culture of the period.
Introduction ; 1. Nature's invalids: the medicalization of womanhood ; 2. Nervous sensibility and ideals of manhood ; 3. The 'unmapped country': physiology, consciousness, and the mysteries of the inner life ; 4. New Woman and neurasthenia: nervous degeneration and the 1890s ; Conclusion ; Bibliography ; Index
A solid contribution to a developing field and well worth a place on the shelf of a scholar of either social medicine or Victorian fiction. * Social History of Medicine * Fascinating information and analysis. * The Review of English Studies * Passion and Pathology adds new medical and literary details to our understanding of nervous illness and narrative in the nineteenth century. * Victorian Studies * Throughout Passion and Pathology, Wood provides a balanced feminist perspective on the relationship between gender and nineteenth-century medicine. * Victorian Studies *
Uitgavejaar 2001
ISBN 9780199247134
Verschijningsdatum 12 jul. 2001
Omvang 240
Auteur(s) Jane Wood
Bindwijze Paperback
Taal Engels

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