Politics of the Family

  • R. D. Laing
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Originally published in 1969, based on the talks R. D. Laing gave in 1967 and 68, this book was intended by the author to evoke questions rather than provide answers. Using concepts of schizophrenia, R.D. Laing demonstrates that we tend to invalidate the subjective and experiential and accept the proper societal view of what should occur within the family.
Part 1: 1. The Family and the 'Family' 2. Intervention in Social Situations 3. The Study of Family and Social Contexts in Relation to 'Schizophrenia' Part 2: The Politics of the Family Introduction. The Family and Invalidation. Family Scenarios. Operations. Rules and Metarules. Mapping.
Uitgavejaar 1998
ISBN 9780415198226
Serie Selected Works of R D Laing
Verschijningsdatum 10 sep. 1998
Omvang 144
Auteur(s) R. D. Laing
Bindwijze Gebonden
Taal Engels

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