Practical Guide to Behavioral Research

Tools and Techniques

  • Barbara Baker Sommer
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This new edition of Robert Sommer and Barbara Sommer's successful book A Practical Guide to Behavioral Research continues to emphasize a hands-on, multimethod, and interdisciplinary approach to behavioral research in psychology, sociology, and anthropology. It expands the fourth edition's coverage of computer-related research methods and employs an international perspective, presenting general principles and their practical applications. Like previous editions, A Practical Guide to Behavioral Research, 5/e, covers the four major approaches to behavioral research (experimentation, observation, questionnaire, interview) and examines other important methods, including attitude and rating scales, the case study, semantic differential, unobtrusive measures, and the use of personal documents. It provides particularly strong treatment of observational approaches, behavior and cognitive mapping, electronic searches and Internet research, and action research. This revision includes two new chapters stimulated by student interest: Chapter 14, "Action Research," addresses the gap between doing research and having it applied; Chapter 15, "The Big Fuzzies," describes techniques for researching important concepts that are difficult to define and measure. Written in an accessible, colloquial style, this popular book encourages students to actually do research instead of just learning the concepts and language. Clear descriptions and concrete examples of abstract concepts demystify research and help students think about research procedures in a variety of settings, not just in the laboratory. Ideal for undergraduates in research methods classes, A Practical Guide to Behavioral Research, 5/e, is an invaluable reference for students of communications, education, nursing, design, and business. It is also a useful resource for readers who need reliable information or anyone interested in behavioral studies.
Preface ; 1. Multimethod Approach ; 2. Ethics in Behaviorial Research ; 3. Search the Technical Literature ; 4. Observation ; 5. Mapping and Trace Measures ; 6. Experimentation ; 7. Simulation ; 8. Interview ; 9. The Questionnaire ; 10. Attitude and Rating Scales ; 11. Content Analysis ; 12. Personal Documents and Archival Measures ; 13. Case Study ; 14. Action Research ; 15. The Big Fuzzies: Research on Difficult-to-Define Concepts ; 16. Standardized Tests and Inventories ; 17. Sampling ; 18. Descriptive Statistics ; 19. Inferential Statistics ; 20. Writing and Reviewing a Research Report ; 21. After the Report ; 22. Concluding Notes ; Appendix A - E ; Glossary ; Name Index ; Subject Index
Uitgavejaar 2001
ISBN 9780195142099
Verschijningsdatum 2 sep. 2001
Omvang 400
Auteur(s) Barbara Baker Sommer
Taal Engels
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