Psychiatry in Law / Law in Psychiatry, Second Edition

  • Ralph Slovenko
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Psychiatry in Law/Law in Psychiatry, 2nd Edition, is a sweeping, up-to-date examination of the infiltration of psychiatry into law and the growing intervention of law into psychiatry. Unmatched in breadth and coverage, and thoroughly updated from the first edition, this comprehensive text and reference is an essential resource for psychiatry residents, law students, and practitioners alike.
Preface Prologue Sporting Theory of Justice PART ONE. PSYCHIATRY IN LAW Section 1. The Psychiatrist as Expert Witness 1. The Use of Experts in the Adversary System 2. Boundaries of Legal and Ethical Forensic Practice 3. From Frye to Daubert and Beyond Section 2. Evidentiary Issues 1. Testimonial Privilege 2. Witnesses and the Credibility of Testimony 3. Propensity and Other Acts Evidence 4. Elusive Evidence - Syndromes, Body Language, and Dreams Section 3. Criminal Cases 1. Competency to Stand Trial and Other Competencies 2. Criminal Responsibility 3. The Mental Disability Requirement in the Insanity Defense 4. Diminished Capacity 5. Juvenile Justice 6. Alcoholism 7. Drug Addiction 8. Imposition and Carrying Out of the Death Penalty 9. The Psychiatric Forensic Center 10. Right of the Indigent Accused to Psychiatric Assistance PART TWO: LAW IN PSYCHIATRY Section 1. Hospitalization of the Mentally Ill 1. Civil Commitment 2. Right to Treatment/Right to Refuse Treatment Section 2. Psychiatric Malpractice 1. Establishing Malpractice Liability 2. Overview of Psychiatric Malpractice 3. Breach of Confidentiality 5. Informed Consent 6. The Boundary Violation of Undue Familiarity 7. Failure to Treat and Related Issues 8. Suicide 9. Duty of Therapists to Third Parties Appendixes Indexes
Uitgavejaar 2015
ISBN 9781138872967
Verschijningsdatum 4 aug. 2015
Omvang 816
Editie 2nd New edition
Auteur(s) Ralph Slovenko
Bindwijze Paperback
Taal Engels
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