Psychiatry in Long-Term Care

  • William E. Reichman Paul R. Katz
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As the baby boom generation ages, the number of people requiring long-term care will grow dramatically in developed nations. A majority of them will become increasingly frail and suffer from dementia and associated neuropsychiatric symptoms. Against this backdrop, Psychiatry in Long-Term Care, Second Edition (first published under the title Psychiatric Care in the Nursing Home) comprehensively reviews the present state of knowledge on how to identify the major psychiatric disorders affecting residents of long-term care facilities and how to intervene. Edited and written by some of the world's foremost authorities, the book provides in-depth coverage of topics such as these: - General approaches to assessment and treatment of behavioral disturbances - Depression - Anxiety - Dementia - Sleep impairment - Psychosis - Substance use disorders - Contemporary strategies for successful psychopharmacological and psychotherapeutic interventions Complementing these chapters with clinical guidelines on specific disorders are chapters on medicolegal considerations, ethics, and education of care staff. The new edition is an important resource for care providers from all disciplines devoted to improving the well being of people in long-term care facilities and for students and scholars of mental health and aging.
Section One: Psychiatric Disorders 1: Epidemiology of Psychiatric Conditions in Nursing Homes, Ann L. Gruber-Baldini, Hannah Day, and Jay Magaziner 2: Dementia in Nursing Home Patients: Assessment and Management, Solasinee Hemrungrojn and Jeffrey L. Cummings 3: Delirium in the Nursing Home Setting, Steven F. Huege and Joel E. Streim 4: Mood Disorders, Ashok J. Bharucha and Soo Borson 5: Anxiety Disorders, Art Walaszek and Timothy Howell 6: Schizophrenia and Other Psychotic Disorders, Gauri N. Savla, Jody DelaPena-Murphy, Daniel D. Sewell, Daniel S. Kim, and Dilip V. Jeste 7: Sleep-Wake Disorders in Long-Term Care Facility Residents, Yohannes Endeshaw 8: Sexual Disorders, Peggy A. Szwabo 9: Personality Disorders, Marc E. Agronin 10: Mental Retardation, C. Michael Henderson 11: Substance Use Disorders, Kenneth Schwartz Section 2: Psychiatric Interventions 12: General Approaches to Behavioral Disturbances, Lisa L. Boyle, Anton P. Porsteinsson, and Pierre N. Tariot 13: Principles of Geriatric Psychopharmacology, Adrian Leibovici and Laurie Daiello 14: Insight-Oriented, Interpersonal and Integrative Psychotherapy, Richard A. Zweig, Patricia Marino, and Gregory A. Hinrichsen 15: Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy, Lurgis Karuza and Paul Katz 16: Family Interventions, Lee Hyer, Shailaja Shah, and Amanda Sacks 17: Environmental and Milieu Interventions, Jiska Cohen-Mansfield and Rene Laje 18: Staff Education in Long-term Care Facilities, David K. Conn and Joy Richards 19: Psychiatric Consultation and Liaison, Gary S. Moak Section 3: Societal Influences 20: An Overview of Residents, Care Providers and Regulation of Medical Practice in the Long-Term Care Continuum, Suzanne Gillespie and Paul R. Katz 21: Ethical and Medicolegal Issues, Marshall B. Kapp 22: Mental Health in the Assisted Living Setting Quincy M. Samus and Adam Rosenblatt Index
Uitgavejaar 2009
ISBN 9780195160949
Verschijningsdatum 26 mrt. 2009
Omvang 544
Editie 2nd Revised edition
Auteur(s) William E. Reichman Paul R. Katz
Bindwijze Gebonden
Taal Engels

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