Psychoanalytic Study of Society, V. 11

  • L. Bryce Boyer Simon A. Grolnick
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Volume 11 includes chapters on the analysis of dybbuk possession and exorcism in Judaism (Y. Bilu); crisis and continuity in the personality of an Apache shaman (L. B. Boyer et al.); culture shock and the inability to mourn ( H. Stein); charismatically led groups (L. Balter); the psychoanalytic and social aspects of telephoning (R. Almansi); and an ethnographic study of hermaphroditism ((G. Herdt & R. Stoller).
1. The Taming of the Deviants and Beyond: An Analysis of Dybbuk Possession and Exorcism in Judaism, Bilu 2. After the Death of the Primal Father, Roheim 3. Crisis and Continuity in the Personality of an Apache Shaman, Boyer, De Vos, Boyer 4. Sakulambei - A Hermaphrodite's Secret: An Example of Clinical Ethnography, Herdt, Stoller 5. "Culture Shock" and the Inability to Mourn, Stein 6. The Charismatically Led Group: The Mental Processes of Its Members, Balter 7. On Telephoning, Compulsive Telephoning, and Perverse Telephoning: Psychoanalytic and Social Aspects, Almansi
Uitgavejaar 1985
ISBN 9780881630329
Verschijningsdatum 1 aug. 1985
Omvang 264
Auteur(s) L. Bryce Boyer Simon A. Grolnick
Bindwijze Gebonden
Taal Engels

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