Psychoeducational Assessment and Report Writing

  • Stefan C. Dombrowski
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This textbook provides in-depth instruction for conducting psychoeducational assessments of children in grades K-12 and conveying results through detailed, well-written reports. It takes readers step by step through the assessment process - collecting data, writing reports, and communicating conclusions - for students with conditions spanning the range of IDEA classifications such as autism, learning disabilities, emotional disturbances, and conditions covered by Section 504. The book offers not only a broad understanding of assessment and communication skills, but also of the ethical, legal, cultural, and professional considerations that come with psychoeducational evaluation. And its sample reports model clear, well-organized results accessible to parents and caregivers as well as teachers and colleagues. Key areas of coverage include: * Assessment basics: the testing environment and protocols, interviewing, and observation. * Report writing section by section, from reason for referral to summary and recommendations.* Guidelines for oral reporting, with case examples.* Special issues in psychoeducational assessment and report writing.* Sample psychoeducational reports using this framework. Psychoeducational Assessment and Report Writing is an essential text for graduate students, researchers, professors, and professionals in child and school psychology; assessment, testing, and evaluation; social work; and psychological methods/evaluation
Section I. Overview of Psychoeducational Assessment, Report Writing, and Oral Reporting.- Chapter 1. Purpose of Psychoeducational Assessment, Report Writing, and Oral Reporting.- Chapter 2. Interviewing Parents, Teachers, and Other School Personnel.- Chapter 3. Observing the Child.- Section II: Psychoeducational Report Writing.- Chapter 4. General Guidelines on Report Writing.- Chapter 5. Identifying information and Referral Question.- Chapter 6. Assessment Methods and Background Information.- Chapter 7. Assessment Results.- Chapter 8. Conceptualization and Classification and Diagnostic Impressions.- Chapter 9. Summary and Recommendations.- Section III: Sample Psychoeducational Reports.- Chapter 10. Learning Disabilities.- Chapter 11. Autism.- Chapter 12. Emotional Disturbance.- Chapter 13. Intellectual Disability.- Chapter 14. Other Health Impaired Disabilities.- Chapter 15. Miscellaneous Reports: Visual Impairment, Hearing Impairment, and English as a Second Language.- Section IV: Miscellaneous Topics in Psychoeducational Assessment and Report Writing.- Chapter 16. Due Process Hearing and the Independent Educational Evaluation.- Chapter 17. Suggested Guidelines for Oral Reporting.
Uitgavejaar 2014
ISBN 9781493919109
Verschijningsdatum 30 sep. 2014
Omvang 220
Auteur(s) Stefan C. Dombrowski
Bindwijze Gebonden
Taal Engels
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