Psychological and Cognitive Impact of Critical Illness

  • O. Joseph Bienvenu Ramona O. Hopkins Christina Jones
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Neuropsychiatric problems after critical illness are receiving increasing attention, particularly in the critical care medicine literature, but mental health and primary care clinicians should also be interested in these common problems, given the growing number of critical illness survivors who need care. Patients frequently come out of the intensive care unit (ICU) with horrifying distorted memories and don't understand what has happened to them. Not only are patients debilitated with ICU-acquired weakness and cognitive impairment, they are traumatized by actual experiences (e.g., shortness of breath and pain) and distorted memories (of being tortured, raped, assaulted, or imprisoned) shaped by delirium. Patients' family members are also frequently quite distressed, and children surviving critical illnesses appear to have similar experiences to adults. This book provides an overview of the nature and epidemiology of cognitive and other psychiatric problems in this growing population, and it addresses the small but growing literature on prevention and early intervention efforts. Addressing these problems successfully will require collaborative interventions, both in-ICU and post-ICU.
Overview: Psychological and Cognitive Impact of Critical Illness O. Joseph Bienvenu, Christina Jones, and Ramona O. Hopkins 1. Personal journeys through understanding the psychological and cognitive problems faced by critical illness survivors Christina Jones, Peter Gibb, and Ramona O. Hopkins 2. Delirium in critically ill patients Mark van den Boogaard and Paul Rood 3. Critical Illness and Long-term Cognitive Impairment Ramona O. Hopkins, PhD, Maria E. Carlo, MD, James C. Jackson, PsyD 4. Psychological impact of critical illness O. Joseph Bienvenu and Christina Jones 5. Rehabilitation psychology insights for the treatment of critical illness survivors Jennifer E. Jutte, James C. Jackson, and Ramona O. Hopkins 6. Prevention and treatment of posttraumatic stress and depressive phenomena in critical illness survivors Christina Jones and O. Joseph Bienvenu 7. Supporting pediatric patients and their families during and after intensive care treatment Gillian Coville 8. Family Response to Critical Illness Judy E. Davidson and Giroa Netzer
Uitgavejaar 2017
ISBN 9780199398690
Verschijningsdatum 15 jul. 2017
Omvang 240
Auteur(s) O. Joseph Bienvenu Ramona O. Hopkins Christina Jones
Bindwijze Paperback
Taal Engels

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