Psychological Testing

History, Principles and Applications

  • Robert J. Gregory
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In addition to the breadth of coverage of traditional topics, the fourth edition of "Psychological Testing" provides detailed presentations on neuropsychological and geriatric assessment, the early uses and abuses of testing, assessment of learning disabilities, testing in special settings, race differences in IQ, and cheating on national group achievement tests. The author also describes and critiques the latest versions of the most widely used tests, examines the subtleties of the testing process, and explores the value-laden issues surrounding the wisdom of testing. Highlights of the fourth edition include: real-world case studies bringing concepts to life for students; coverage of the new Stanford-Binet 5th edition intelligence test due out in September 2003; significant new coverage of testing deaf and hard of hearing, and updated coverage of the Americans with Disabilities Act; and new information on assessment and the attitudes of moral and spiritual concepts, and a new section on ecological momentary assessment.
Most chapters include Summary and Key Terms and Concepts. 1. The History of Psychological Testing. Topic 1A: The Origins of Psychological Testing. The Importance of Testing. Case Exhibit 1.1: The Consequences of Test Results. Rudimentary Forms of Testing in China in 2200 B.C. Psychiatric Antecedents of Psychological Testing. The Brass Instruments Era of Testing. Changing Conceptions of Mental Retardation in the 1800s. Influence of Binets Early Research Upon His Test. Binet and Testing for Higher Mental Processes. The Revised Scales and the Advent of IQ. Topic 1B: Early Testing in the United States. Early Uses and Abuses of Tests in America. The Invention of Nonverbal Tests in the Early 1900s. The Stanford-Binet: The Early Mainstay of IQ. Group Tests and the Classification of WWI Army Recruits. Early Educational Testing. The Development of Aptitude Tests. Personality and Vocational Testing After WWI. The Origins of Projective Testing. The Development of Interest Inventories. Summary of Major Landmarks in the History of Testing. 2. Tests and the Testing Process. Topic 2A: The Nature and Uses of Psychological Tests. Definition of a Test. Further Distinctions in Testing. Types of Tests. Uses of Testing. Case Exhibit 2.1: Test Impact of Nonstandard Testing. Who May Obtain Tests. Sources of Information on Tests. Topic 2B: The Testing Process. Standardized Procedures in Test Administration. Desirable Procedures of Test Administration. Influence of the Examiner. Background and Motivation of the Examinee. Issues in Scoring. 3. Norms and Reliability. Topic 3A: Norms and Test Standardization. Case Exhibit 3.1: Outmoded Tests and Outdated Norms. Raw Scores. Essential Statistical Concepts. Raw Score Transformations. Selecting a Norm Group. Criterion-Referenced Tests. Topic 3B: Concepts of Reliability. Classical Theory and the Sources of Measurement Error. Sources of Measurement Error. Measurement Error and Reliability. The Reliability Coefficient. The Correlation Coefficient. Computation of the Correlation Coefficient. The Correlation Coefficient as a Reliability Coefficient. Reliability as Temporal Stability. Reliability as Internal Consistency. Item Response Theory and the New Rules of Measurement Special Circumstances in the Estimation of Reliability. The Interpretation of Reliability Coefficients. Reliability and the Standard Error of Measurement. 4. Validity and Test Development. Topic 4A: Basic Concepts of Test Validity. Case Exhibit 4.1: Research as the Essential Proof of Test Validity. Validity: A Definition. Content Validity. Criterion-Related Validity. Construct Validity. Approaches to Construct Validity. Extra-Validity Concerns and the Widening Scope of Test Validity. Topic 4B: Test Construction. Defining
Uitgavejaar 2003
ISBN 9780205354726
Verschijningsdatum 1 jul. 2003
Omvang 720
Auteur(s) Robert J. Gregory
Taal Engels
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