Psychological Testing

History, Principles, and Applications

  • Robert Gregory
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The fifth edition of Psychological Testing provides detailed presentations on neuropsychological and geriatric assessment, the early uses and abuses of testing, assessment of learning disabilities, testing in special settings, race differences in IQ, and cheating on national group achievement tests. The author also describes and critiques the latest versions of the most widely used tests, examine the subtleties of the testing process, and explore the value-laden issues surrounding the wisdom of testing.
Preface I. NATURE, HISTORY, AND CONSEQUENCES OF TESTING 1. Applications and Consequences of Psychological Testing 1A. The Nature and Uses of Psychological Tests 1B. Ethical and Social Implications of Testing [15B, part of 8B] 2. A Brief History of Psychological Testing 2A. The Origins of Psychological Testing [previous 1A] 2B. Early Testing in the United States [previous 1B] II. TECHNICAL AND METHODOLOGICAL ISSUES 3. Reliability and Test Standardization 3A. Norms and Test Standardization 3B. Concepts of Reliability 4. Validity and Test Development 4A. Basic Concepts of Validity 4B. Test Construction and Item Response Theory III. ABILITY TESTING 5. Theories and the Nature of Intelligence 5A: Theories of Intelligence 5A 5B. Nature and Consequences of Intelligence 6. Cognitive Tests: Intelligence, Achievement and Aptitude 6A: Individual Tests of Intelligence 6B. Group Tests of Ability and Related Concepts [combines 6B, 8A, 8B] 7. Testing Special Populations 7A. Infant and Preschool Assessment [includes parts of 10A, 5B] 7B. Testing Persons with Disabilities IV. PERSONALITY TESTING AND ASSESSMENT 8. Origins of Personality Test 8A. Theories and the Measurement of Personality 8B. Projective Techniques 9. Structured Personality Assessment 9A. Self-Report Inventories [parts of 12B included here] 9B. Behavioral and Observational Assessment V. SPECIAL TOPICS IN TESTING 10. Neuropsychological and Medical Applications 10A. A Primer of Neurobiological Concepts 10B. Neuropsychological and Medical Assessment 11. Assessment in Employment and Forensic Settings 11A. Employment and Vocational Assessment 11B. Forensic Applications of Assessment 12. Legal Issues and the Future of Testing 12A. Legal Issues in Testing 12B. Computerized Assessment and the Future of Testing Appendices Appendix A. Major Landmarks in History of Psychological Testing Appendix B. Test Publisher Addresses Appendix C. Major Tests and Their Publishers Appendix D. Standard Scores, etc. Appendix E. Sources of Information on Tests [New]
Uitgavejaar 2006
ISBN 9780205504664
Verschijningsdatum 1 jul. 2006
Omvang 720
Auteur(s) Robert Gregory
Taal Engels
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