Psychological Testing and Assessment

An Introduction to Tests and Measurement

  • Ronald Jay Cohen
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This is a careful and thoroughly updated revision of the most highly acclaimed and successful undergraduate text in testing over the last fifteen years. "Psychological Testing and Assessment" examines the philosophical, historical, and methodological foundations of psychological testing, assessment, and measurement, while helping students appreciate their benefits and pitfalls in practice.
Preface PART I. AN OVERVIEW / 1.Psychological Testing and Assessment / Testing and Assessment / Who, What, and Why? / Evaluating the Quality of Tests / Close-Up Error of Measurement and the True Score Model / Everyday Psychometrics Putting Tests to the Test / Self-Assessment / 2. Historical, Cultural, and Legal/Ethical Considerations / An Historical Perspective / Culture and Assessment / Legal and Ethical Considerations / Close-Up Life or Death Psychological Assessment / Everyday Psychometrics Expert Testimony / Self-Assessment PART II. THE SCIENCE OF PSYCHOLOGICAL MEASUREMENT / 3. A Statistics Refresher / Scales of Measurement / Describing Data / The Normal Curve / Standard Scores / Close-Up The Normal Curve and Psychological Tests / Everyday Psychometrics Consumer (of Graphed Data) Beware! / Self-Assessment / 4. Norms, Correlation, and Regression / Norms / Correlation and Regression / Inference from Measurement / Close-Up Almost Everything You May Want to Know About the Development of the Pearson r / Everyday Psychometrics Good Ol Norms and the GRE / Self-Assessment / 5. Reliability / The Concept of Reliability / Reliability Estimates / Using and Interpreting a Coefficient of Reliability / Reliability and Individual Scores / Close-Up The Reliability of the Bayley Scales for Infant Development / Everyday Psychometrics The Reliability Defense and the Breathalyzer Test / Self-Assessment / 6. Validity / The Concept of Validity / Content Validity / Criterion-Related Validity / Construct Validity / Validity, Bias, and Fairness / Close-Up Base Rates and Predictive Validity / Everyday Psychometrics Adjustment of Test Scores by Group Membership: Fairness in Testing or Foul Play? / Self-Assessment / 7. Test Development / Test Conceptualization / Test Construction / Test Tryout / Item Analysis / Test Revision / Close-Up Anatomy of the Development of a Test: The Personality Research Form / Everyday Psychometrics Psychometrics in the Classroom / Self-Assessment PART III. THE ASSESSMENT OF INTELLIGENCE / 8. Intelligence and Its Measurement / What Is Intelligence? / Measuring Intelligence / Intelligence: Some Issues / A Perspective / Everyday Psychometrics The Bell Curve Controversy / Close-Up _Culture-Fair/Culture-Loaded / Self-Assessment / 9. Tests of Intelligence / The Stanford-Binet: Fourth Edition / The Wechsler Tests / Other Measures of Intelligence / Close-Up How We Used Confirmatory Factor Analysis to Test the Structure of the WISC-III, by Timothy Z. Keith, Ph.D. and E. Lea Witta, Ph.D. / Everyday Psychometrics The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB): A Test You Can Take / Self-Assessment / 10. Preschool and Educational Assessment / Preschool Assessment / Achievement Tests / Aptitude Tests / Diagnostic Tests / Psychoeducational Test Batteries / Other Tools of Assessment in Educational Settings / Close-Up Tests of Minimum Competency / Everyday Psychometrics Adaptin
Uitgavejaar 2001
ISBN 9780767421577
Verschijningsdatum 1 dec. 2001
Omvang 800
Auteur(s) Ronald Jay Cohen
Taal Engels
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