Psychology, Law, and the Wellbeing of Children

  • Monica K. Miller, Jared Chamberlain, Twila Wingrove
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Lawmakers and judges often enact and enforce laws and policies that impact youth. The extent to which these legal actions are sensitive to juveniles' perspectives and experiences has changed recently. Compared to an earlier time when juvenlies were treated the same as adults, many policies are now created with the needs of juveniles in mind, thanks in part to psychological studies that have revealed that the decision making, behavior, and cognitions of children vary drastically from those of adults. Unique in its angle and in thebreadth of social issues it covers, Psychology, Law, and the Wellbeing of Children brings together new research and analyses to address how legal actions affect children's wellbeing. It addresses how civil and criminal law has evolved to protect, and sometimes inadvertently neglect or harm, the wellbeing and development of children. Each chapter describes a law or policy affecting children, identifies the relevant psychological issues, reviews the research that has been conducted or should be conducted, and provides recommendations for professionals in law and/or psychology. With contributions from top researchers and practitioners in the field, chapters discuss many current debates, including issues such as gender-specific programming for juvenile delinquents, interrogations of juveniles, changes in divorce and custody procedures, programs for imprisoned mothers, and legal actions adopted to protect the health of children and sociecty (e.g., HPV vaccinations, considering child obesity to be abuse). This book will be a vital resource for those interested in protecting the wellbeing of children, including academics and researchers in psychology, criminology, and sociology; practitioners such as judges, attorneys, forensic psychologists, psychiatrists, and social workers; and graduate and law students.
Series Foreword ; Acknowledgments ; About the Editors ; Contributors ; 1. Psychology, law, and the wellbeing of children: An overview ; Monica K. Miller and Jared C. Chamberlain ; 2. Psychology, Law, and the Wellbeing of Children: A Developmental Perspective ; Twila Wingrove and Sarah J. Beal ; Part I: Legal Actions Affecting the Wellbeing and Recognizing (or Ignoring) the Developmental Abilities of Juvenile Delinquents ; 3. Psycho-Legal Aspects of Juvenile Delinquency ; Cheryl D. Wills ; 4. Police Interviewing and Interrogation of Adolescent Suspects: Process and Outcomes ; Hayley M.D. Cleary and Sarah Vidal ; 5. Applying Sex Offender Registry Laws to Juvenile Offenders: Biases against Stigmatized Youth ; Jessica M. Salerno, Margaret Stevenson, Cynthia J. Najdowski, Tisha R.A. Wiley, Bette L. Bottoms, and Liana Peter-Hagene ; 6. Female Juvenile Offenders' Perceptions of Gender-Specific Programs ; Monica K. Miller, Lacey Miller, and Angela D. Broadus ; 7. Balancing Legal, Ethical, and Clinical Considerations when Managing Suicidality in Research with Juvenile Justice Involved Youth ; Christy L. Giallella, Naomi E. S. Goldstein, and David DeMatteo ; Part II: Legal actions affecting the wellbeing of children experiencing parental divorce ; 8. Hearing the Voice of the Child in Divorce ; Robin H. Ballard, Brittany N. Rudd, Amy G. Applegate, and Amy Holtzworth-Munroe ; 9. Establishing Child Support and Visitation Enforcement Offices: Promoting Fairness, Compliance, and Children's Wellbeing ; Monica K. Miller and Jon Maskaly ; 10. Parental Alienation and the Best Interests of the Child ; R. Brian Howe and Katherine Covell ; Part III: Legal actions affecting the wellbeing of children ; 11. The Search for Therapeutic Solutions to Maternal Incarceration: Promoting the Wellbeing of Children ; Monica K. Miller and Lacey Miller ; 12. Immigrant Parents' Perceptions of the <"Best Interests of the Child>" ; Qingwen Xu ; 13. Assessment of Mock Jurors' Attributions and Decisions in Child Abuse Cases: Protecting the Wellbeing of Obese Children ; Jenny Reichert and Monica K. Miller ; 14. A Preliminary Analysis of Public Commentary Supporting and Opposing Mandatory HPV Vaccination: Implications for Policy ; Lorie L. Sicafuse and Monica K. Miller ; 15. The Law and Child Wellbeing: Where are We and Where Do We Go From Here? ; Twila Wingrove and Jennifer L. Jarrett ; Index
Uitgavejaar 2014
ISBN 9780199934218
Serie American Psychology-law Society Series
Verschijningsdatum 1 feb. 2014
Omvang 304
Redactie Monica K. Miller, Jared Chamberlain, Twila Wingrove
Bindwijze Paperback
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