Psychology of Forensic Evidence

  • Anna Sagana Melanie Sauerland
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Forensic evidence is often not as clear cut as many think - find out why and how psychology plays a vital role. This volume addresses challenges in the evaluation and application of forensic evidence in criminal proceedings. It aims to shed light on the role and the corruptive influences of different types of evidence and their interplay in criminal proceedings. Research reported here shows that collection and interpretation of forensic evidence are susceptible to contextual influences and biases; that not all types of forensic evidence are equal in terms of reliability and accuracy; and moreover, that courts often overvalue the quality of evidence. It highlights the need for maximizing safeguards and the importance of proper training among forensic experts and legal practitioners. This can best be accomplished when representatives from different disciplines and professions, law and psychology, research and practice, form allegiances.
Editorial The Psychology of Forensic Evidence Anna Sagana and Melanie Sauerland Review Article Forensic Source Conclusions: Twenty Threats to Validity Jonathan J. Koehler Original Articles Practical Solutions to Forensic Contextual Bias Adele Quigley-McBride From Suspect Statement to Legal Decision Making: How Do Judges Weigh the Evidence? Pieter Tersago, Miet Vanderhallen, Joelle Rozie, and Sara-Jane McIntyre The Impact of Evidence Type on Police Investigators' Perceptions of Suspect Culpability and Evidence Reliability Minhwan Jang, Timothy J. Luke, Par-Anders Granhag,and Aldert Vrij Mock Jury and Juror Responses to Uncharged Acts of Sexual Misconduct: Advances in the Assessment of Unfair Prejudice Jane Goodman-Delahunty and Natalie Martschuk Research Spotlights Allegiance Bias in Statement Reliability Evaluations Is Not Eliminated by Falsification Instructions Melanie Sauerland, Henry Otgaar, Enide Maegherman, and Anna Sagana Can Defense Attorneys Detect Forensic Confirmation Bias? Effects on Evidentiary Judgments and Trial Strategies Nikoleta M. Despodova, Jeff Kukucka, and Alexa Hiley Court Case Context and Fluency-Promoting Photos Inflate the Credibility of Forensic Science Mevagh Sanson, William E. Crozier, and Deryn Strange Opinion The Judge as a Procedural Decision-Maker: Addressing the Disconnect Between Legal Psychology and Legal Practice Anna Sagana and D. A. G. van Toor
Uitgavejaar 2020
ISBN 9780889375802
Serie Zeitschrift fur Psychologie
Verschijningsdatum 26 aug. 2020
Omvang 88
Auteur(s) Anna Sagana Melanie Sauerland
Reeksnummer 3
Bindwijze Paperback
Taal Engels

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