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This fully-updated book provides systems-based methodologies and innovative technologies that can be used for solving complicated problems of complex systems. A wide range of theoretical and experimental approaches are introduced for practical applications, as the content explores the basic and novel concepts in psychoneuroimmunology (PNI), especially the relationships among stress, inflammation, and psychophysiological disorders, as well as various cutting-edge technologies and methods for PNI studies, including the utilizations of mouse models and vaccine models. In addition, this book focuses on translational medicine by applying PNI methods in clinical practice. As part of the Methods in Molecular Biology series, the chapters seek to provide a practical, state-of-the-art, and holistic view for the translation of PNI into better preventive and personalized medical practice. Authoritative and hands-on, Psychoneuroimmunology: Methods and Protocols, Second Edition will be of use to biomedical students and professionals at all levels who are interested in integrative studies in psychology, psychiatry, neuroscience, immunology, molecular biology, genetics, bioengineering, physiology, pathology, microbiology, systems biology, and clinical medicine.
Part I: Stress and Immunity: Biopsychosocial Models and Clinical Implications 1. Stress and Systemic Inflammation: Yin-Yang Dynamics in Health and Diseases Qing Yan 2. Intersections between Neuroimmune-Microbiota Colette G. Ngo Ndjom, Xavier F. Gonzalez, and Harlan P. Jones 3. Psychoneuroimmunology: The Experiential Dimension Elling Ulvestad 4. Ecological Context and Human Variation: Applying the Principles of Biological Anthropology to Psychoneuroimmunology Eric C. Shattuck 5. Neuroimmune Imbalances and Yin-Yang Dynamics in Stress, Anxiety, and Depression Qing Yan 6. Increasing Resilience to Traumatic Stress: Understanding the Protective Role of Well-Being J. Tory Toole, Mark A. Rice, Jr., Jordan Cargill, Travis J.A. Craddock, Barry Nierenberg, Nancy G. Klimas, Mary Ann Fletcher, Mariana Morris, Joel Zysman, and Gordon Broderick 7. Exploring the Diagnostic Potential of Immune Biomarker Co-Expression in Gulf War Illness Gordon Broderick, Mary Ann Fletcher, Michael Gallagher, Zachary Barnes, Suzanne D. Vernon, and Nancy Klimas 8. Breaking Away: The Role of Homeostatic Drive in Perpetuating Depression J. Tory Toole, Mark A. Rice, Jr., Travis J.A. Craddock, Barry Nierenberg, Nancy G. Klimas, Mary Ann Fletcher, Joel Zysman, Mariana Morris, and Gordon Broderick 9. Neuroimmune Mechanisms of Depression in Adults with Heart Failure Jessica A. Jimenez, Christine Tara Peterson, and Paul J. Mills 10. How To Monitor the Neuroimmune Biological Response in Patients Affected by Immune Alteration-Related Systemic Diseases Paolo Lissoni, Franco Rovelli, Luigi Vigore, Giusy Messina, Arianna Lissoni, Giorgio Porro, and Giuseppe Di Fede Part II: Technologies and Methods in Psychoneuroimmunology Studies 11. Application of Chemogenetics and Optogenetics to Dissect Brain-Immune Interactions Ben Korin and Asya Rolls 12. Psychoneuroimmunology and Natural Killer Cells: The Chromium Release Whole Blood Assay Mary Ann Fletcher, Zachary Barnes, Gordon Broderick, and Nancy G. Klimas 13. Mouse Testing Methods in Psychoneuroimmunology 2.0: Measuring Behavioral Responses Albert E. Towers, Jason M. York, Tracy Baynard, Stephen J. Gainey, and Gregory G. Freund 14. The MRL Model: A Valuable Tool in Studies of Autoimmunity-Brain Interactions Boris Sakic 15. PET Imaging in Psychoneuroimmunology Research Jonas Hannestad 16. The Vaccination Model in Psychoneuroimmunology Research: A Review Anna C. Whittaker 17. Measuring Vaccine Responses in the Multiplex Era Kieran Ayling, Kavita Vedhara, and Lucy Fairclough 18. Sculpting the Sculptors: Methods for Studying the Fetal Cholinergic Signaling on Systems and Cellular Scales Martin G. Frasch, Patrick Burns, Javier Benito, Marina Cortes, Mingju Cao, Gilles Fecteau, and Andre Desrochers 19. Perinatal Psychoneuroimmunology: Protocols for the Study of Prenatal Stress and Its Effects on Fetal and Postnatal Brain Development Martin G. Frasch, Carlos J. Baier, Marta C. Antonelli, and Gerlinde A.S. Metz
Uitgavejaar 2019
ISBN 9781493992973
Serie Methods in Molecular Biology
Verschijningsdatum 10 dec. 2019
Omvang 381
Editie Softcover reprint of the original 2nd ed. 2018
Auteur(s) Qing Yan
Reeksnummer 1781
Bindwijze Paperback
Taal Engels
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