Qualitative Interpretation and Analysis in Psychology

  • Carla Willig
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Interpretation is an integral part of all qualitative research, yet relatively little has been written about its process. In her new book, Carla Willig, author of international bestseller Introducing Qualitative Research Methods in Psychology, sheds light on the role of interpretation in qualitative research in psychology and describes the different approaches for practice. Packed with case studies, two full interview transcripts and worked examples from psychology, health sciences and the arts, Willig skilfully guides you to conduct qualitative research which is interpretative and based upon a clear rationale and interpretative position. You will also learn how to evaluate interpretative research and to acquire an understanding of what constitutes best ethical practice. Carla's transcribed conversations with Stephen Frosh, Christine Griffin and Jonathan Smith about the meaning and practice of interpretation provide a fascinating insight into the ways in which highly experienced researchers engage with the challenge of interpreting qualitative data. This book will be valuable reading for all psychology students, researchers and practitioners and a useful reference for students across the social sciences and related health disciplines.
Section One: Theory and concepts: What is 'interpretation'? Introduction Interpretation in Qualitative Research The Ethics of Interpretation Language and Interpretation Section Two: Applications: 'Doing interpretation' Interpreting Qualitative Data: Two Interview Extracts Worked examples A Phenomenological Reading A Discursive Reading A Psychosocial Reading Conclusion Appendix I: A Conversation with Professor Stephen Frosh Appendix II: A Conversation with Professor Christine Griffin Appendix III: A Conversation with Professor Jonathan Smith
Uitgavejaar 2012
ISBN 9780335241415
Verschijningsdatum 1 mei 2012
Omvang 352
Auteur(s) Carla Willig
Bindwijze Paperback
Taal Engels
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