Relationship Enhancement Therapy

Healing Through Deep Empathy and Intimate Dialogue

  • Robert F. Scuka
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Relationship Enhancement Therapy (RE) is a couples-therapy system conceived of, designed, and first implemented by Bernard Guerney Jr., who integrated the client-centered theory of Carl Rogers, the interpersonal theory of Henry Stack Sullivan, the behavior modification and learning theories of Skinner and Bandura, and the psychodynamic theory of Freud, in formulating RE. In this book Dr. Scuka presents an up-to-date, comprehensive theoretical and practical treatment of RE, in which he gives the reader a guide to implementing the principles of this dynamic theory. The book is written principally with couples therapy in mind, although there is an acknowledged relevance to family therapy, and the author calls attention the many skills and therapy techniques that would be applicable to family therapy. Though designed to allow a therapist of any level of experience to begin working with the RE model, this book is more than a standard cookbook, as it considers a variety of special RE therapy techniques, discusses the entire clinical intake process, the application of the RE model to the treatment of affairs, use with difficult clients, and family therapy issues such as domestic violence and stepfamilies.
Preface. Acknowledgments. Introduction. Design of the Book. Use of Sources in this Book. Two Terminological Clarifications. My Philosophy in Working with Couples. Part I: Theory, Research and Methods. Introduction to Relationship Enhancement Therapy with Couples. The Empirical Validation of Relationship Enhancement Therapy. Deep Empathy as the Foundation of RE Therapy. Part II: Beginning the RE Therapy Process. Conducting the Clinical Intake with Couples in RE Therapy. Part III: Teaching the Core RE Skills and Launching a Couple's First Dialogue. Transition Deciding How to Proceed: Time-designated Format versus Experiential Format. First Session Post-intake: Introducing Couples to the RE Model and Teaching Couples Effective Conflict Management. Embracing the Other: Teaching Empathic Skill. Communicating Respectfully and Dialoging Constructively: Teaching Expressive and Discussion/negotiation Skills. Using the Experiential Format to Launch a Couple's First Dialogue. The Heart of the Matter: The RE Dialogue Process in Action. Part IV: Integrating the Other RE Skills into the Couple's Dialogue Process. Keeping Dialogues on Track: Teaching Facilitation Skill. Getting to Win-Win: Teaching Problem/Conflict Resolution Skill. The Challenges of Changing Behavior: Teaching Self-change and Other-change Skills.
"Scuka successfully provides a platform for understanding each member of the couple unit and how they can work towards shared goals and improved dialogue...all relational therapists would benefit from reading this book. Not only does Scuka thoroughly cover each step with care, but he allows the reader to understand his ideas via examples that create a colorful palate of information and allow the reader to visualize his ideas." - Brent Fladmo, Journal of Couple and Relationship Therapy
Uitgavejaar 2015
ISBN 9781138984943
Verschijningsdatum 26 nov. 2015
Omvang 368
Auteur(s) Robert F. Scuka
Bindwijze Paperback
Taal Engels
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