Research Design in Counseling

  • Puncky Heppner Bruce Wampold Jesse Owen
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Quell any fears you may have about science and research design with this clear introduction to the basics of research design today. With enlightening examples and illustrations drawn from the counseling literature, RESEARCH DESIGN IN COUNSELING, 4th Edition fully addresses the most common issues that counseling researchers encounter. The authors' accessible approach provides you with an understanding of the various types of research, including both quantitative and qualitative approaches. Filled with helpful examples that utilize a broad variety of research designs, this book provides the fundamentals of conducting research while providing clear instruction on the strengths and weaknesses of different designs, choosing variables, ethics, writing, and publishing your work in the top professional counseling journals.
Part I: PHILOSOPHICAL, ETHICAL, TRAINING, AND PROFESSIONAL ISSUES. 1. Science and Counseling. 2. Research Training. 3. Ethical Issues in Counseling Research. 4. Professional Writing. Part II: GETTING STARTED: ESTABLISHING THE FOUNDATION FOR A STUDY. 5. Identifying and Operationalizing Research Topics. 6. Choosing Research Designs. 7. Validity Issues in Research Design. 8. Population Issues. 9. Conceptual and Methodological Issues Related to Multicultural Research. 10. Scale Construction. Part III: MAJOR RESEARCH DESIGNS. 11. True Experimental Designs. 12. Quasi-Experimental and Time Series Designs. 13. Quantitative Descriptive Designs. 14. Analogue Research. 15. Single-Subject Designs. 16. Qualitative Designs. 17. Mixed Methods. Part IV: METHODOLOGICAL ISSUES. 18. Designing and Evaluating the Independent Variable. 19. Designing or Choosing/Selecting the Dependent Variable. 20. Outcome Research: Strategies and Methodological Issues. 21. Design Issues Related to Counseling Process Research. 22. Program Evaluation. 23. Investigator, Experimenter, and Participant Bias. Appendix A: Ethical Standards of the American Counseling Association. Appendix B: Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct.
"The authors present the various concepts and issues with language and examples that encourage interest and passion for the process of research while simultaneously stressing the importance of ethically and professionally sound practices. This book is ideal for graduate students, novice researchers, and seasoned researchers alike, with each taking away something valuable from the contents." "Research Design in Counseling is a top quality research methods textbook that is specifically targeted to counselors. It was written in an approachable way to aid counselors in understanding the research process and different research methods. It is comprehensive in scope, detailed in description, and useful during the class to learn the material as well as helpful as a reference long after the final grades are posted."
Uitgavejaar 2015
ISBN 9781305087316
Verschijningsdatum 5 aug. 2015
Omvang 640
Editie 4th edition
Auteur(s) Puncky Heppner Bruce Wampold Jesse Owen
Bindwijze Gebonden
Taal Engels

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