Revolt Against Psychiatry

  • Bonnie Burstow
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A real eye-opener, this riveting anti/critical psychiatry book is comprised of original cutting-edge dialogues between Burstow (an antipsychiatry theorist and activist) and other leaders in the "revolt against psychiatry," including radical practitioners, lawyers, reporters, activists, psychiatric survivors, academics, family members, and artists. People in dialogue with the author include Indigenous leader Roland Chrisjohn, psychiatrist Peter Breggin, survivor Lauren Tenney, and scholar China Mills. The single biggest focus/tension in the book is a psychiatry abolition position versus a critical psychiatry (or reformist) position. In the scope of this project, Burstow considers the ways racism, genocide, Indigeneity, sexism, media bias, madness, neurodiversity, and strategic activism are intertwined with critical and antipsychiatry.
Chapter 1: Introduction to this book and to this projectChapter 2: "It is All about Racism": Dialogue with Indigenous Scholar and Activist Roland ChrisjohnChapter 3: "Our Freedom of Speech over our Medical License": Dialogue with the Conscience of Psychiatry-Peter BregginChapter 4: Dialogue with Journalist Extraordinaire: Robert WhitakerChapter 5: Dialogue with Survivor and Academic Lauren TenneyChapter 6: On Berlin Runaway House: Dialogue with Kim WicheraChapter 7: Toward a Democratic Psychiatry?: Dialogue with Ian ParkerChapter 8: "Activism is My Real Job": The Mad Movement in Chile: Dialogue with Tatiana Castillo Chapter 9: "There is no place on this Planet for Psychiatry-Period!": Dialogue with Don WeitzChapter 10: Autistic and Mad: Dialogue with Nick WalterChapter 11: Dialogue with Indigenous Leader and Psych Survivor MichaelChapter 12: "This is Not a Time to Lie Low": Dialogue with International Lawyer, Survivor, and Human Rights Advocate Tina MinkowitzChapter 13: "I So Loved My Son that I had to Promise him that I'd Do Everything that I Could": Dialogue with Mother and Archivist Julie WoodChapter 14: Epistemicide: Dialogue with "Global Mental Health" Critic China MillsChapter 15: "The Movement is an Intrinsic Part of Who I Am": Dialogue with Bonnie BurstowEpilogueAppendix A:List of Movements Frequently Referenced and the Distinctions Between ThemAppendix B: List of Commonly Used AbbreviationsAppendix C: Glossary of Frequently Used Words.
"The value of this book lies in its conversational style, the diversity of the interviewees, and a lively question-response format that invites the reader into the conversation. ... I recommend The Revolt Against Psychiatry as a springboard for broader discussion on how we can counter the stranglehold of psychiatry." (Susan Rosenthal, Mad in America, November 06, 2019)
Uitgavejaar 2019
ISBN 9783030233303
Verschijningsdatum 28 aug. 2019
Omvang 243
Editie 1st ed. 2019
Auteur(s) Bonnie Burstow
Bindwijze Gebonden
Taal Engels

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