Sex Offenders

Dynamics and Psychotherapeutic Strategies

  • Eberhard Schorsch Tom Todd Anke Erhardt
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Since to date there is no record of systematic experience in treating sex offenders by psychotherapy, this book fills a gap in the literature. It is especially important at a time when the courts have also called for the treatment - instead of merely the punishment - of these delinquents. For the first time a report of not only individual cases, but also of a methodical study of a large patient group is available. By combining copious case studies with statistical methods, clear and scientifically valid knowledge results. In terms of psychodynamics, both behavioural and counselling techniques have been applied. The book thus contributes significantly to the present discussion of methods beyond those of classical psychotherapy in the treatment of sex offenders.
1 Introduction.- 1.1 Sexual Delinquency and Therapy: The Current State of Affairs.- 1.2 The History and Development of the Research Project.- 1.3. Survey of Literature.- 1.3.1 Behaviour Therapy for Sexual Deviancy.- Aetiological Models in Learning Theory.- Behaviour Therapy Techniques.- Multidimensional and Theory-Based Approaches in Behaviour Therapy.- Criticism of Orthodox Behaviour Therapy.- 1.3.2 Psychoanalytic Literature on the Treatment of Sexual Delinquents.- 2 Description of the Research Project.- 2.1 Sample Selection.- 2.2 Design.- 2.3 Data Evaluation.- 2.4 Waiting-List Dropouts.- 2.5 Description of Therapy Sample According to External Criteria.- 3 Diagnosis: The Structure and Psychodynamics of Patients' Inner Problems.- 3.1 Research Strategy and Problems of Method.- 3.1.1 Research Strategy.- 3.1.2 Method.- 3.2 The Meaning and Function of Perverse Symptoms.- 3.2.1 Theoretical and Clinical Aspects.- Our Theoretical Position.- Clinical Aspects.- 3.2.2 Frequently Recurring Meanings of the Symptom.- 3.3 The Problems Underlying a Perverse Symptom.- 3.3.1 Male Identity.- 3.3.2 Aggression.- 3.3.3 Narcissism.- 3.3.4 Interpersonal Relations.- 3.4 The Intensity of the Disturbance and Personality Pathology.- 3.5 Coping Strategies.- 3.5.1 Classifying Coping Strategies Using Factor Analysis.- 3.5.2 Typical Coping Strategies (Factor Interpretation).- 3.6 Assigning Patients to Groups (Cluster Analysis).- 3.6.1 Psychically Relatively Stable, Socially Integrated Patients (Cluster 1).- 3.6.2 Depressive Patients (Cluster 2).- 3.6.3 Patients with Marked Defences Against Depression (Cluster 3).- 3.6.4 Noninterpretable Group (Cluster 4).- 3.6.5 Severely Disturbed Social Outsiders (Cluster 5).- 4 Therapy.- 4.1 Formal Framework.- 4.2 Motivation for Therapy: A Discussion.- 4.2.1 Special Circumstances Prior to Therapy.- 4.2.2 The First Encounter Between Patient and Therapist.- 4.2.3 Revising the Concept of Motivation.- 4.3 The Therapist-Patient Relationship.- 4.3.1 Factors in the Therapeutic Relationship.- 4.3.2 First Patient Factor: "Childlike Submission" vs. "Keeping One's Distance".- 4.3.3 Second Patient Factor: "Active Cooperation" vs. "Refusal".- 4.4 The Therapeutic Approach.- 4.4.1 Planning Therapy: Finding a Therapeutic Gestalt.- 4.4.2 Framework and Focus of Therapy.- Help in Coping with Everyday Life.- Help in Coping with Current Crises.- Focus on Current Behaviour and Feelings.- Identifying Emotional Contexts, Overall Behaviour Patterns and Functional Connections.- 4.5 Results of Therapy.- 4.5.1 Preamble.- 4.5.2 Methods and Results.- Follow-ups.- Analysis of Control Group.- Differential Measurement of Changes.- Overall Assessment of Therapy.- Relapse Rate.- Influence of Patient Variables on Therapy Results.- 5 Conclusions and Perspectives for Patient Welfare.- References.
Uitgavejaar 1990
ISBN 9783540510420
Verschijningsdatum 30 mrt. 1990
Omvang 142
Editie Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1990
Auteur(s) Eberhard Schorsch Tom Todd Anke Erhardt
Bindwijze Paperback
Taal Engels
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