Sex Offenders and the Internet

  • Dennis Howitt
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Online, the opportunity to commit a crime is never more than a few clicks away. Sex Offenders and the Internet explores the nature of online sex offenders in order to help practitioners understand and treat this new category of client. Kerry Sheldon and Dennis Howitt examine the research base by reviewing case studies and psychological profiles, with a particular focus on paedophilic Internet sex offenders. Issues covered include child pornography, the often overlooked 'excuses' for paedophilia, and how we can move forward. The result is a book that comprehensively details the nature of Internet sex offenders, bringing together the relevant research into one essential volume.
About the Authors. Acknowledgements. 1 Sex Offending on the Internet. 2 The Issue of Child Pornography. 3 What we Know about Paedophilia. 4 Creating and Controlling the Internet Sex Offender. 5 What Internet Sex Offenders Do. 6 The Childhood Histories of Paedophiles. 7 Sexual Abuse and Sexualisation in the Childhoods of Paedophiles. 8 Coping with Life through Abuse and Child Pornography. 9 Relationships in Childhood and Adulthood: Security and Attachment. 10 Sexual Fantasy and Paedophile Offenders. 11 Distorted Thinking. 12 Desisting from Child Abuse. 13. Epilogue: What has been Learnt and What shall we Do? References. Author Index. Subject Index.
"A highly commendable text." (The Howard Journal, December 2009) "This book is a very welcome addition … .An interesting and thought-provoking read and of value to all practitioners workin
Uitgavejaar 2007
ISBN 9780470028001
Verschijningsdatum 1 jul. 2007
Omvang 312
Auteur(s) Dennis Howitt
Taal Engels

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