Social Science Methods for Psychodynamic Inquiry

The Unconscious on the World Scene

  • William R. Meyers
€ 69,05
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This book explains, with case examples, a variety of social science research methods suitable for studying the unconscious components of irrational social and political actions in world affairs, which can be defined as those that are intensely destructive, self-destructive, or extremely bizarre. The book argues that they are driven in part by feelings and fantasies that are outside of conscious awareness. Meyers explores the role empathy in clinical understanding, as well as the value of exposing assertions to empirical disconfirmation. With a variety of research methods such as survey research, content analysis, and narrative analysis, and case examples such as studies of 'irreal' statements by authoritarian leaders, fabricated newspaper articles and climate change denial, this book sheds light on how to conduct research on psychodynamic matters in a scientifically valid and credible way.
1. Clinical Inquiry and Social Science Methodology 2. Exploring the Empathic Method 3. What to Look For In Psychodynamic Inquiry 4. Disconfirmation of Psychodynamic Assertions 5. Integrating Social Science Concepts and Findings into Psychodynamic Research 6. A Panoply of Social Science Methods 7. An Adventure in Narrative Analysis 8. A Systematic Study of Irreality 9. The Munich Crisis Examined: An Experiment in Collaboration in Data Interpretation 10. Methods for Studying Irrationality in Organizations, Institutions and Social Movements: a Case Study in Urban Design 11. Methods for Studying Climate Change Denial, and Corporate Acquisitiveness
Uitgavejaar 2015
ISBN 9781137524898
Verschijningsdatum 27 mei 2015
Omvang 256
Auteur(s) William R. Meyers
Bindwijze Gebonden
Taal Engels
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