Sociological Methodology

  • Edited by Michael Sobel
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This volume of "Sociological Methodology" touches on both long-standing and more recent themes in social statistics. In the first chapter, Adrian Raftery discusses all of these themes, reviewing the analysis of cross-tabulations and statistical methods developed to analyze survey data on individuals. Turning to the future, he discusses the limitations of some current work and outlines developments important for the field in the coming years, such as social networks, the analysis of longitudinal network data, spatial statistics, and social interactions.Durlaf's outstanding and forward-looking work on what is perhaps the most important issues in sociology, the interdependence between group and individual, proposes models that can be used to inform important sociological issues, such as whether to have child, to move, or how many years of education one seeks. The editors of this volume have taken exceptional care to be mindful of the need sand interests of readers of "Sociological Methodology" and other have a very rich and rewarding spectrum of issues and perspectives.
Reviewers. Contributors. Information for Authors. In This Volume. 1. Statistics in Sociology, 1950-2000: A Selective Review: Adrian E. Rafterey.2. A Framework for the Study of Individual Behavior and Social Interactions: Steven N. Durlauf.Discussion: Comment on Steven Durlauf's 'A Framework for the Study of Individual Behavior and Social Interactions': Samuel Bowles.Discussion: Modeling Social Interdependence: Is It in the Structure or in our Hearts? Lin Tao and Christopher Winship.Discussion: Potential Applications and Extensions for a Choice-Based Social Interaction Framework: Aimee R. Dechter. Rejoinder: Steven N. Durlauf.3. Analysis of Categorical Response Profiles by Informative Summaries: Zvi Gilula and Shelby J. Haberman.4. Statistical methods and Graphical Displays for Analyzing How the Association Between Two Qualitative Variables Differs Among Countries, Among Groups, or Over Time. Part II: Some Exploratory Techniques, Simple Models, and Simple Examples: Leo A. Goodman and Michael Hout. 5. Latent Class Factor and Cluster Models, Bi-Plots and Related Graphical Displays: Jay Magisdon and Jeroen K. Vermunt. 6. Covariance Models for Latent Structure in Longitudinal Data: Marc A. Scott and Mark S. Handcock.7. The Cohesiveness of Blocks in Social Networks: Connectivity and Conditional Density: Douglas White and Frank Harary.8. The Statistical Evaluation of Social Network Dynamics: Tom A.B. Snijders.
Uitgavejaar 2001
ISBN 9780631232193
Serie Sociological Methodology
Verschijningsdatum 1 nov. 2001
Omvang 350
Editie v. 31
Auteur(s) Edited by Michael Sobel
Reeksnummer v. 31
Taal Engels
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