Sources and Development of Social and Community Psychiatry

  • David G. Satin
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These volumes make new contributions to the history of psychiatry and society in three ways: First, they propose a theory of values and ideology influencing the evolution of psychiatry and society in recurring cycles, and survey the history of psychiatry in recent centuries in light of this theory. Second, they review the waxing, prominence, and waning of Community Mental Health as an example of a segment of this cyclical history of psychiatry. Third, they provide the first biography of Erich Lindemann, one of the founders of social and community psychiatry, and explore the interaction of the prominent contributor with the historical environment and the influence this has on both. We return to the issue of values and ideologies as influences on psychiatry, whether or not it is accepted as professionally proper. This is intended to stimulate self-reflection and the acceptance of the values sources of ideology, their effect on professional practice, and the effect of values-based ideology on the community in which psychiatry practices. The books will be of interest to psychiatric teachers and practitioners, health planners, and socially responsible citizens.
1. A Conceptual Framework for Social Psychiatry and Community Mental Health 2. Progenitors of Community Mental Health: Prior to 1900 3. Forebears and Portents of Social and Community Psychiatry: 1900-1909 4. The Incubator of Social Consciousness: 1910-1918 5. Ideas and Ideologies for a Social Psychology: 1919-1926 6. The Passage from Preparation to Practice: 1927-1934 7. The Establishment of Psychological Medicine and the Emergence of Social Psychiatry: 1935-1947 8. Overflowing Traditional Boundaries and the Reactions: 1948-1953
Uitgavejaar 2022
ISBN 9780367354343
Verschijningsdatum 1 aug. 2022
Omvang 340
Auteur(s) David G. Satin
Bindwijze Paperback
Taal Engels

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