Splintered Reflections

  • Jean Goodwin Reina Attias
€ 45,08
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In overwhelming trauma, when words fail, it is the body that begins to speak. How can clinicians listen to the body and understand its messages? This book is both a detailed review of the body symptoms and body image distortions found after trauma and a textbook of psychotherapy techniques to repair broken metaphors about the body so that the body-self and its functioning can be restored. Multiple theoretical perspectives,Freudian psychoanalytic theory, attachment theory, trauma theory,are synthesized to shape an interlocking framework within which the therapist can listen and stay with the messages from the patient's body. The reader is guided by detailed clinical examples drawn from an international group of trauma therapists that includes Barry Cohen, Richard Kluft, Bruce Perry, Valerie Sinason and Onno van der Hart.
Uitgavejaar 1999
ISBN 9780465095445
Verschijningsdatum 23 jun. 1999
Omvang 336
Auteur(s) Jean Goodwin Reina Attias
Bindwijze Gebonden
Taal Engels

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