Suicide Science

  • Thomas Joiner M. David Rudd
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Suicide kills and maims victims; traumatizes loved ones; preoccupies clinicians; and costs health care and emergency agencies fortunes. It should therefore demand a wealth of theoretical, scientific, and fiduciary attention. But in many ways it has Why? Although the answer to this question is multi-faceted, this volume not. supposes that one answer to the question is a lack of elaborated and penetrating theoretical approaches. The authors of this volume were challenged to apply their considerable theoretical wherewithal to this state of affairs. They have risen to this challenge admirably, in that several ambitious ideas are presented and developed. Ifever a phenomenon should inspire humility, it is suicide, and the volume's authors realize this. Although several far-reaching views are proposed, they are pitched as first approximations, with the primary goal of stimulating still more conceptual and empirical work. A pressing issue in suicide science is the topic of clinical interventions, and clinical approaches more generally. Here too, this volume contributes, covering such topics as therapeutics and prevention, comorbidity, special populations, and clinicalrisk factors.
List of Figures. List of Tables. List of Contributors. Preface. Acknowledgments. 1. New Life in Suicide Science; T. Joiner. 2. Decades of Suicide Research: Wherefrom and Whereto? D. Lester. 3. The Hopelessness Theory of Suicidality; L.Y. Abramson, et al. 4. Escaping the Self Consumes Regulatory Resources: A Self-Regulatory Model of Suicide; K.D. Vohs, R.F. Baumeister. 5. Toward an Integrated Theory of Suicidal Behaviors: Merging the Hopelessness, Self-Discrepancy, and Escape Theories; M.M. Cornette, et al. 6. Shame, Guilt, and Suicide; M.E. Hastings, et al. 7. Mood Regulation and Suicidal Behavior; S.J. Catanzaro. 8. Desperate Acts for Desperate Times: Looming Vulnerability and Suicide; J.H. Riskind, et al. 9. Suicide and Panic Disorder: Integration of the Literature and New Findings; N.B. Schmidt, et al. 10. Suicide Risk in Externalizing Syndromes: Temperamental and Neurobiological Underpinnings; E. Verona, C.J. Patrick. 11. Studying Interpersonal Factors in Suicide: Perspectives from Depression Research; J. Davila, S.E. Daley. 12. Gender, Social Roles, and Suicidal Ideation and Attempts in a General Population Sample; N. Sachs-Ericsson. 13. Suicidal Behavior in African American Women with a History of Childhood Maltreatment; S. Young, et al. 14. Issues in the Evaluation of Youth Suicide Prevention Initiatives; J. Kalafat. 15. Recognition and Treatment of Suicidal Youth: Broadening Our Research Agenda; C.A. King, M. Knox. 16. A Conceptual Scheme for Assessing Treatment Outcome in Suicidality; M.D. Rudd.
Uitgavejaar 2010
ISBN 9781441949806
Verschijningsdatum 1 dec. 2010
Omvang 278
Editie 1st ed. Softcover of orig. ed. 2000
Auteur(s) Thomas Joiner M. David Rudd
Bindwijze Paperback
Taal Engels
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