Surviving Stalking

  • Michele Pathe
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Surviving Stalking is a practical and comprehensive 2002 survival manual for victims of stalking and related crimes. It offers sound, realistic, practical advice to victims and also gives guidance through each stage of the criminal justice processes in America, Britain and Australia. Using case descriptions, Michele Pathe describes the traumatic effects of stalking, the course of these symptoms, and how best to access psychological care and support. It is the first comprehensive book for a general readership providing a contemporary account of victim types, stalker types, stalkers' motives, strategies to prevent and overcome stalking, and a list of the resources available to victims of stalking. Surviving Stalking will be of great interest not only to those who have been or are being stalked, but also to the health, law enforcement and legal professionals who work with stalkers and their victims.
Acknowledgements; Introduction; 1. What is stalking?; 2. How common is stalking?; 3. Who stalks?; 4. Could I be assaulted?; 5. Can stalkers be treated?; 6. Who are the victims of stalking?; 7. The impact of stalking; 8. Reducing your chances of victimization; 9. Evading the stalker; 10. Navigating the criminal justice system in America Doreen Orion; 11. Navigating the criminal justice system in the United Kingdom Edward Petch; 12. Navigating the criminal justice system in Australia; 13. Should I just disappear?; 14. How do I deal with the emotional impact of stalking?; 15. How you can assist victims of stalking; Conclusions; References; Reading guide; Appendix 1. Other resources; Appendix 2. Protection from Harassment Act 1997; Appendix 3. Sample restraining order under Protection from Harassment Act 1997; Appendix 4. Criminal justice system flow chart, UK; Index.
'It is highly educational and informative in its content ... The book ... gives sound, practical advice to victims that is easy to follow and universally relevant ... The book is well set out, clearly written and important chapters for victims of stalking provide a summary in bullet points at the end of the chapter ... easy to read using technical terms, where possible. It will provide good reference information to victims of stalking and is of great educational important to those professionals who may need to deal with victims of stalking in the course of their work.' Journal of Psychological Medicine
Uitgavejaar 2002
ISBN 9780521009645
Verschijningsdatum 22 aug. 2002
Omvang 176
Auteur(s) Michele Pathe
Bindwijze Paperback
Taal Engels
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