Teachers' Identities and Life Choices

Issues of Globalisation and Localisation

  • Pattie Y. Y. Luk-Fong
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This book discusses issues related to teachers' identities and life choices when globalisation and localisation are enmeshed. It examines how competing cultural traditions and contexts acted as resources or/and constraints in framing teachers' identities and their negotiations in the family and the work domains according to their gender positioning, their roles in the family such as husband, wife, father, mother, brother, sister, son and daughter and roles in the school such as principal, senior teacher or regular teacher. Contrary to an essentialist approach to identity and culture, teachers' stories show that their identities and life choices were hardly free choices; but were often part and parcel of the culture and contexts in which they were embedded. Teachers' identities are found to be fluid, complex, hybrid and multifaceted. Using Hong Kong as a case study, this book provides not only traces of the continuity and changes of Confucian self and cardinal relationships but also a glimpse of how educational reform as neo-capitalist discourses in the workplace interacts with Confucian cultural traditions creating new hybrid practices (problems or possibilities or both) in the school and in the daily lives of teachers.
1.Introduction: 1.1 Overview of the book 1.2 Positioning of the book 1.3 My personal biography 1.4 Why this book? 1.5 The organisation of the book 2.Hybridities, border crossing and yin-yang : 2.1 Introduction 2.2 Identities and life choices 2.3 The non-Western self 2.4 Teachers' identities 2.5 Globalisation 2.6 Globalisation as hybridisation 2.7 Chinese yin-yang concept 2.8 Conclusion 3.Methodology: 3.1 Introduction 3.2 Hybrid methodology 3.3 Narrative and identities 3.4 Individual and group interviews to study personal and structural changes 3.5 Subjects of the study 3.6 Researchers' roles and relationships 3.7 Conclusion 4.Dialectics of the Chinese culture: Continuities and changes in the Confucian order: 4.1 Introduction 4.2 Confucian order 4.3 Dialectics of Chinese culture 4.4 Continuities and changes in contemporary self and cardinal relationships: Life stories 4.5 Discussion 4.6 Conclusion 5.Evolving hybrid femininities (yin) and masculinities (yang) : 5.1 Introduction 5.2 Chinese linguistics and gender order 5.3 Hybridities 5.4 Taoist concept of yin-yang 5.5 Female teachers' hybrid gender identities 5.6 Male teachers' hybrid gender identities 5.7 Discussion 5.8 Conclusion 6.Intergenerational issues concerning primary school teachers : 6.1 Introduction 6.2 Border crossing 6.3 On-going negotiations and multifaceted identities 6.4 Teachers' narratives 6.5 Discussion 6.6 Conclusion 7.Teachers' professional identities and career choices when education reforms meet with Confucian cultural heritage in education : 7.1 Introduction 7.2 Education reforms in the "East meets West" context in Hong Kong 7.3 English teaching and learning 7.4 Liberal studies teaching and learning 7.5 Discussion 7.6 Conclusion 8.Mid-life secondary female teachers' identities, work and work-life interface : 8.1 Introduction 8.2 Theoretical perspective 8.3 Specific examples of work-life negotiations 8.4 Gender equity issues related to teachers' identities and life choices 8.5 Conclusion 9. Struggling with gender borders: Implications for gender equity for the next generation : 9.1 Introduction 9.2 Struggling with gender borders - teachers' narratives of uncomfortable hybrids 9.3 Production and re-production of gender stereotypes in schools 9.4 Conclusion 10.Conclusion
'The work on teacher identity tends to be "inward looking" i.e within the field only, whereas this [book] links broader issues to the lived experiences of actual teachers. The Hong Kong experience will have broad relevance - and not just in Confucian-heritage cultural settings. In addition, the accessible writing and broad contextualisation regarding globalisation suggest it will be very relevant to educators in most countries. I think it (this book) would complement recent work on teacher identity by major figures such as Janet Alsup, June, Beynon, or Ian Hextall, and update some of the older work e.g. Andy Hargreaves, Ivor Goodson etc' - Professor Marie Brennan, Victoria University, Melbourne 'Dr Pattie Luk has worked in this area for some time focussing on teacher identities in these uncertain times. The uniqueness of her work is in its cultural position. She is one of the few educators whose work comes specifically from a Chinese perspective. The book is theoretically rich in considering a diversity of views although there is of course a heavy weight on Eastern perspectives. But this is a strength, in my view, since these are largely missing from the large body of Western literature on this topic.More needs to be known about the distinctiveness of Eastern cultures and this book can make an important contribution in this regard.' - Professor Kerry Kennedy, Hong Kong Institute of Education, Hong Kong
Uitgavejaar 2014
ISBN 9789814560924
Serie Education in the Asia-Pacific Region: Issues, Concerns and Prospects
Verschijningsdatum 13 dec. 2014
Omvang 170
Editie 2013 ed.
Auteur(s) Pattie Y. Y. Luk-Fong
Reeksnummer 19
Bindwijze Paperback
Taal Engels

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