Theorising Play in the Early Years

  • Marilyn Fleer
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Theorising Play in the Early Years is a theoretical and empirical exploration of the concept of pedagogy and play in early childhood education. The book provides an in-depth examination of classical and contemporary theories of play, with a focus on post-developmental perspectives and Vygotskian theory. In this book, Marilyn Fleer draws on a range of cross-cultural research in order to challenge Western perspectives and to move beyond a universal view of the construct of play. Culture and context are central to the understanding of how play is valued, expressed and used as a pedagogical approach in early childhood education across the international community. Designed as a companion to the textbook Play in the Early Years, but also useful on its own, Theorising Play in the Early Years provides indispensable support to academics and TAFE lecturers in early childhood education in their course development and research.
1. A psychological reading of play for early childhood education; 2. How role-play is learned in families; 3. Role-play as cultural expression and as a form of cultural development; 4. Collective role-play; 5. Digital play: placeholders and virtual pivots in meta-imaginary situations; 6. Unity of emotions and cognition in role-play - perezhivanie; 7. Understanding the politics of play through a holistic perspective.
Uitgavejaar 2013
ISBN 9781107032293
Verschijningsdatum 26 okt. 2013
Omvang 256
Auteur(s) Marilyn Fleer
Bindwijze Paperback
Taal Engels
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