Unmasking the Sexual Offender

  • Veronique N. Valliere
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  • Verwacht 31 januari 2023
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* Practical, clear information enables the reader to hone skills in working with victims and perpetrators, whether in a relationship, treatment, or supervision of the offender * Professionals, survivors, and their families need to understand the thinking and manipulations of offenders, especially as more survivors are coming forward in the #MeToo age * Valliere fills a gap in the available information on the criminality, personality, and distorted world view of the sexual offender, describing deviance in a way that can help shift the reader's understanding and perception of the perpetrator
Introduction Section 1: The Offender's Best Weapon: Society as the Audience to the Offense 1. The Co-Defendants - The Role of the Audience to a Sexual Offense 2. Weaponized Humanity - Why We Offer Denial and Disbelief to Offenders 3. Myth-information: Our Misinformed Beliefs About Sexual Offenders 4. "I know him - he's not like that" - The Struggle to Believe 5. The Theater of Sexual Assault: The Act versus the Production Section 2: Unmasking the Sex Offender 6. Defining Deviance - The Pathway to Offending 7. Character Deviance - "He's not sick - he's bad." 8. Sexual Deviance: The Sexual Pathway to Offending 9. Tools of the Trade: The Manipulations of the Offender Section 3: Prevention, Intervention, and Managing Relationships with Offenders 10. How Can I Have a Relationship with an Offender? 11. Assessing Promises: What Does Real Change Look Like? 12. "But I am telling the truth!" - Suggestions for Investigation, Supervision, and Treatment of Offenders 13. Prevention Tips and Strategies 14. "No Victims, No Excuses" - Conclusion Appendix A - Important Concepts for Victims Appendix B - Important Concepts for Families/Spouses of the Offender Appendix C - Questions to Help Understand the Offender
Uitgavejaar 2023
ISBN 9780367741242
Verschijningsdatum 31 jan. 2023
Omvang 168
Auteur(s) Veronique N. Valliere
Bindwijze Paperback
Taal Engels

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