Unrepressed Unconscious, Implicit Memory, and Clinical Work

  • Giuseppe Craparo Clara Mucci
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Unrepressed Unconscious, Implicit Memory, and Clinical Work analyses the psychological and neurobiological characteristics of what nowadays goes under the name of "unrepressed unconscious", as opposed to Freud's earlier version of a kind of "repressed unconscious" encountered and described initially in his work with hysterical patients. Pioneering Italian psychoanalyst and neuroscientist Mauro Mancia has distinguished this seminal Freudian concept from an earlier version of the unconscious (preverbal and pre-symbolic) that he terms "unrepressed", and which he describes as "having its foundations in the sensory experiences the infant has with his mother (including hearing her voice, which recalls prosodic experiences in the womb). In connection with this description of two different kinds of unconscious, a 'double' system of memory has been identified: if a traumatic event or series of events takes place when the nervous system is not ready to encode them linguistically and register them within the declarative memory system, they leave a trace within the implicit memory and particularly within the right brain, which both Mancia and Schore see as the seat of implicit memory.
Foreword , Introduction , "The unconscious" in psychoanalysis and neuroscience: an integrated approach to the cognitive unconscious , Implicit memory and early, unrepressed unconscious: their role in the therapeutic process , Attachment, implicit memory, and the unrepressed unconscious , The right brain implicit self: a central mechanism of the psychotherapy change process , Implicit memory, unrepressed unconscious, and trauma theory: the turn of the screw between contemporary psychoanalysis and neuroscience , The role of unrepressed and repressed unconsciousness in clinical work , Afterword
Uitgavejaar 2019
ISBN 9780367103262
Verschijningsdatum 5 jul. 2019
Omvang 208
Auteur(s) Giuseppe Craparo Clara Mucci
Bindwijze Gebonden
Taal Engels

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