Use and Abuse of Power

Multiple Perspectives in the Causes of Corruption

  • Edited by John A. Bargh
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A compilation of works from prominent researchers, promoting both a panoramic and multilevel understanding of this complex construct, with focus on power as a cause of social ills and remedies to prevent corruption and abuse.
Introduction, J. Bargh and A. Lee-Chai I. Power Within the Mind Unconscious Sources of Power Abuse and Corruption-J. Bargh The Many Faces of Power: The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde-D. Bugental From Moses to Marcos: Individual Differences in the Use and Abuse of Power-A. Lee-Chai, S. Chen, and T. Chartrand Motivations to Help Others: An Aspect of Power Motivation (or Intimacy Motivation)? I. Frieze, L. Schmidt, and B. Boneva. II. Power Between Individuals The Effect of Power on Stereotyping-S. T. Fiske Using Power - Newton's Second Law-D. Kipnis Getting What They Came For: How the Dynamics of Power Influence Agenda Setting and Outcomes in Social Interactions-M. Snyder and M. Kiviniemi III. Power and Groups Confucianism, "Jen," and the Benevolent Use of Power: The Interdependent Self as a "Psychological Contract" that Prevents the Exploitation of Others-W. Gardner and E. Seeley Power Interaction Model: Theory, Methodology, and Practice-M. Koslowsky and J. Schwarzwald Influence Tactics in Organizations from a Social Expectancy Perspective-B. Barry Social Identity, Leadership, and Power-M. A. Hogg and S. Reid IV. Power in Society Power/Interaction and Interpersonal Influence: Multimethod Analyses, B. Raven The Two Faces of Adam and Eve: Maternalism and Paternalism in Communal Relationships, F. Pratto and A. Walker Cloaking Power: Legitimizing Myths and the Psychology of the Advantaged, E. Chen and T. Tyler. Fighting Corruption, P. Eigen.
'An interesting analysis of power and corruption. The authors outline remarkably comprehensively the progression from use to the abuse of power. While informing people of the dangers of corruption,
Uitgavejaar 2001
ISBN 9781841690223
Verschijningsdatum 1 apr. 2001
Omvang 312
Auteur(s) Edited by John A. Bargh
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