Using Humor to Maximize Living

Connecting With Humor

  • Mary Kay Morrison
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Humor gets very little respect! While references to the importance of having a sense of humor are liberally sprinkled throughout the popular media, and it is usually mentioned as one of the qualities of effective employees, it is rare to find purposeful humor practice. Humor is without a doubt the one quality that most of us agree is needed in life. However, it is rare to find serious applications on the benefits of applying humor in everyday life and in our world of work. When the federal government tried to incorporate humor into a staff development program of a federal agency, there was an outcry. It seems that humor was thought to be a waste of taxpayer money, and the program was axed. The purpose of Using Humor to Maximize Living is to affirm, sustain, and encourage people in the practice of humor not only as a personal tool to optimize a healthy life style, but also to maximize the benefits of humor in everyday life. Check out the research that includes a review on the use of humor to nurture creativity, to increase the capacity for memory retention, to support an optimal work environment, and to build safe communities that reflect the relational trust necessary for maximizing living. Author, Mary Kay Morrison teaches a 3 hour grad course in Humor Studies through the Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor (AATH) at the annual conference each year:
Preface Acknowledgments Introduction Chapter 1 Humor: The Tonic for Tired Blood Chapter 2 Developing Your Humor Being: A Nut Is Born Chapter 3 Examining Brain Research and Humor: Mouse Droppings Chapter 4 Hurtful Humor Is No Laughing Matter Chapter 5 The Humor Workout: Pumping Up with Practice Chapter 6 Humor At Work: Stories of Courage Chapter 7 Leadership is a Funny Thing Appendix 1 Humor Terminology: Coming to Terms with Humor Appendix 2 Humor Styles Inventory Appendix 3 Jasheway Identify Humor Sense: Identifying Your Sense of Humor Appendix 4 Comedian List Appendix 5 Categories of Humor Appendix 6 Humor Reflections Appendix 7 Humor Belief Inventory Appendix 8 Toy List Appendix 9 Take It and Make It Funny Appendix 10 Destructive Games People Play Appendix 11 List of figures and tables Appendix 12 Contributors and Recommended Resources References About the Author
Uitgavejaar 2012
ISBN 9781610484879
Verschijningsdatum 13 apr. 2012
Omvang 236
Auteur(s) Mary Kay Morrison
Bindwijze Gebonden
Taal Engels
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